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  • Theater Pioneer Research Paper : Viola Spolin

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    Theater Pioneer Research Paper Viola Spolin is one of greatest theater academics known to mankind. Along with being an actress and theater coach, she was also a mother to Paul Sills who has played his fair share in theater arts as well. Spolin was raised in a family who had a strong ties to arts which included opera members and charades. Although probably given the opportunity , Viola did not head straight for the stage. She intentionally trained as a settlement worker. She studied at Neva Boyd’s

  • Similarities Between Viola And Viola

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    characters in Twelfth Night, Viola dressed as Cesario and Feste the fool are two of the most diverse characters with conflicting roles throughout the acts. The focus of both characters is to be seen by everyone else as someone they are not. The disguise of both Viola and Feste accommodates the other characters to provide support, advice and even corruptness. In various scenes, Feste can be seen as being obstruct and very talkative, and even obedient. Complementary to Feste, Viola is talkative, persuasive

  • Rebecca Clarke 's `` Cinderella No More ``

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    which will be related to my instrument-viola. I choose Rebecca Clarke , probably the most prominent women-composer who wrote for viola. Most of Clarke’s compositions were written in the first three decades of the twentieth century, her works was largely unknown until the 1970th. Such is the curiously small impact she made as a composer in England in her life time that the first edition of Lionel Turtis’s book “Cinderella no more” doesn’t mention her viola Sonata, even though now violist from all

  • History of the Viola's Role in Part-Writing for Chamber Music

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    whether the birth of the viola preceded or succeeded that of the violin. However, iconographic and documentary evidence indicate that the violin, viola, and cello most likely evolved together as a family of instruments very early in the sixteenth century and almost certainly in northern Italy. Part-writing for the viola in chamber music has changed dramatically over time. By the end of the seventeenth century, while the violin had remained popular in chamber music, the viola was very much neglected

  • Concert Chamber Music Analysis

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    Chamber Music by Two, Three and Four was made up of three different pieces. Each of the three pieces were composed by, in order, W. A. Mozart, M. Ravel, and J. Brahms. Performing the pieces were Alicia Eppinga on the cello, Barbara Corbato on the viola, Mark Clinton on the piano, and Mihai Craioveanu on violin. These musicians performed sub-sections within the pieces known as movements, which brought their own sense of individuality to the piece while still creating a sense of unity across the board

  • The History of Chamber Music

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    The History of Chamber Music What is chamber music? It is ensemble instrumental music for up to about ten performers with typically one performer to a part. Since circa 1450, there has been instrumental music designed for private playing. These pieces used many instruments and (in Germany) it was common that the folk songs would contain 2-3 countermelodies to expand and elaborate the whole, and to arrange the outcome for groups of instruments. Although the

  • Chamber Music Is A Form Of Chamber Music

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    perform instruments and vocal music. In Classical Music, trio and quartet depending on the sound of instruments such as string, piano, and winds instruments which are the most common in this period of the music. String Quartet is composed of 2 violins, viola, and a cello. Also, Piano Trio is constituted of piano, violin, and cello. On October 29, 2017, I attended the "Afternoon of Chamber Music" on The Bernie Wohl Center which I enjoyed this presentation of these musicians for many reasons. In this intimate

  • William Shakespeare 's Twelfth Night

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    included in the play, and musical terms and metaphors are sprinkled throughout its entirety. Furthermore, I assert that characters ' interactions and personalities are reflected in the ways they either do not make, or make... music! In the next scene, Viola, a character who assumes two gender roles, is introduced. She has a musical

  • My Experience Of Music

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    There’s never been a time where I’d wish music wasn’t in my life or that I’d wish I never learned how to play anything. I remember when I was young and I had finally gotten into school I learned about the stringed instruments in class. I was really intrigued and wanted to play one instantly so, when I came home I talked about it non stop all the time. Normally when a kid wants something or thinks something is cool they lose interest after a while but this was different because I was passionate about

  • Summary Of Hayley's Performance Observation

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    did this, Ms. Temple asked if he could make a thumping sound when his finger hit his fingerboard. Ms. Temple stated how it should be put down with authority. Andrew seemed to struggle with this and felt like it was his viola that was the issue. Ms. Temple quickly tried it on his viola to show him how it was possible and involved pinky strength. At 4:53pm, Andrew played through exercise thirteen and twenty-four in the Suzuki book. Throughout this exercise, Andrew was able to play the exercises well