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  • Real Time Pcr Detection Of Hiv Viral Load

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    Real-time PCR detection of HIV viral load Introduction: HIV, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a lentivirus which is responsible for HIV infection and eventually causes AIDS. It’s assumed that the virus has been in existence since 1930 but it’s still unclear that how the virus came into existence. There are two kinds of HIV virus, HIV-1 which causes more severe disease and the source of transmission is a chimpanzee species Pan troglodytes whereas HIV-2 is transmitted by Cercocebus atys, a monkey

  • A Report On The Rate Of A Effective And A Program

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    Subsequently, an independent review of the MP concluded the program both cost-effective and a program that led to the aversion of “an estimated 2.0 to 2.3 HIV infections in the first year (according to the epidemic scenario), 5.0 to 6.2 over 5 years, and 9.2 to 13.1 over 20 years” (Kahn, Kegeles, Hays, & Beltzer, 2001, p. 1). Aversion is particularly important when considering "at least one teenager or young adult in this country is infected with HIV every hour of every day" (amfAR, 5015, para. 1)

  • A Research Study On Jane Doe Essay

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    Jane Doe is a 25-year-old Registered Nurse who has been working in the emergency department for 2 years. One night she was drawing blood on a HIV positive patient and upon disposing a butterfly needle in to the appropriate sharps container, she had a needle stick injury due to the safety needle not retracting into the sheath and was stuck deeply into one of her finger pads. She immediately began to wash the injury with soap and water and squeezed out some of the blood contents, and went to seek Post-Exposure

  • The Prevalence Of Hiv Among Women

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    C.2. Study Population/Design {this paragraph need to be reduced by 3 lines} This study is a prospective, special exposure cohort study. The study population will include HIV seropositive pregnant women, postpartum women within 6 weeks after delivery (due to the fact that most HIV-infected pregnant women do not usually come back for postpartum visits after delivery), and infants of seropositive pregnant women till 6 months old in Gambia. The study will be conducted in three years. The prevalence

  • Hiv Viral Suppression Of More Than 200 Copies / Ml Of Blood Is Not The Gold Standard

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    Although a HIV viral suppression of less than 200 copies/mL of blood is not the gold standard at most sites. the rate is measured via the same definition across HHS agencies and programs. This includes HRSA and its HAB (2015) under which the RWHAP Part C falls, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and CMS through “Medicaid, Medicare Physician Quality Reporting System, Physician Feedback/Quality and Resource Use Reports, [and a] Physician Value-Based Payment Modifier” (National Quality

  • Transmission Of Human Immunodeficiency Virus ( Hiv )

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    Huge strides in the United States in controlling the rate of transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) has been made resulting in a significant decrease of its incidence since the epidemic advent. During the epidemic’s height in the 1980s of the United States, the CDC estimated its incidence at about 150,000 new infections per year. This figure plateaued and dropped significantly during the 1990s due to introduction of highly effective antiviral treatments and due to a overall public cultural

  • Acute Human Immunodeficiency Virus ( Hiv ) Infection

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    (Pietrangelo, 2013). During this period of time, which is usually a few days, the virus replicates rapidly. The rapid replication results in extremely high amounts of HIV in the blood because the body has not had time to respond to the infection. As the viral load increases more CD4 white cells are destroyed. CD4 cells are a responsible in protecting the body from infection. When these cells are destroyed they no longer are able to adequately activate the body 's immune system. (AIDS.GOV).

  • HIV Treatment Adherence Essay

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    Treatment adherence is critical for HIV positive individuals, but many find it challenging to maintain. Sarita D. Boyd (2011) conducted a review of currently recommended treatment guidelines for patients managing HIV infection, including adherence obstacles and benefits. According to Boyd, HIV treatment should consist of antiretroviral therapy and routine health monitoring, but many patients often defer treatment and fail to report for monitoring appointments. Reasons for this failure to adhere to

  • The Effects Of HIV Testing In Pregnant Women

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    HIV can be transmitted from an HIV infected mother to her newborn child. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), without antiretroviral treatment of the mother, up to 30% of infants born to HIV positive mother’s become infected with HIV themselves. The number increases to 35%-50% if the mother breastfeeds the baby (aidsinfonet, 2014). The risk of HIV transmission to the infant from the mother decreases significantly if the mother used antiretrovirals throughout pregnancy and labor. If the

  • An Ambitious Treatment For The Aids Epidemic

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    country in the world to achieve the UN’s 90-90-90 goal. This goal means that 90% of people living with HIV will know their HIV status, 90% of people will receive antiretroviral therapy, and 90% of people receiving antiretroviral therapy will have viral suppression. These goals were enacted by the UNAIDS group in 2014 and the 90-90-90 goal has a target year of 2020. UNAIDS is referring to this as “an ambitious treatment target to help end the AIDS epidemic” (90–90–90 - An Ambitious Treatment). It