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  • Virgin Blue

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    AJNRR Consulting Virgin Blue Holdings A Strategic Analysis Prepared by: Andy Ley Joachim Brastein Nathan Westgarth Rishi Dave Ron Stanley * * Contents 1. Executive Summary 2 2. Virgin Blue Now 3 2.1 Introduction 3 2.2 Virgin Blue Overview 3 2.3 Virgin Blue’s Current Strategy 3 3. Outside Virgin Blue 4 3.1 Macroenvironment 4 3.2 Industry Analysis 4 4. Inside Virgin Blue 6 4.1 Resources 6 4.1 Capabilities, Distinct Competencies

  • Virgin Blue Annual Report

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    for a company where I’ve had so much opportunity to broaden my horizons, both career-wise and travel-wise.” Margaret lewis, Cash Management accountant More than four years service pictured: Five members of the Van Dongen family who all work for Virgin Blue. the report. annual report 2009 From left: – First officer luke Van Dongen – Cabin Supervisor Clare Van Dongen – Captain arch Van Dongen – First officer Jacinta Van Dongen – Captain Ben Van Dongen “Each day brings a new adventure! Working

  • Virgin Blue: Industry and Company Analysis

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    1. Executive Summary The following report is a comprehensive industry and company analysis of the Australian domestic airline industry and in particular Virgin Blue. The purpose of this report is to determine the success of Virgin Blue in the domestic airline industry and how it plans to position itself into the future. Success in this report is about being competitive and innovative in a challenging environment in order to meet the company’s desired goals. In order to be successful and to meet

  • Marketing Analysis of Jetstar and Virgin Blue Airlines Essay

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    Executive Summary This research report provides an analysis of two popular airlines in Australia; Jetstar and Virgin Blue, both whom are competing in the airline business. Jetstar and Virgin Blue can both compete and be highly profitable within the business, leisure and family market but however, it will ultimately be the service companies, and their associated marketing strategies and techniques which, will establish the difference between the market ‘leader’ and the market ‘loser’. This analysis

  • Global Strategy and Leadership

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    Exam cases:  Kodak  Virgin  Australia Post Pre-seen exam information Semester 2 2012 Global Strategy and Leadership © CPA Australia Ltd 2012 Case Scenario 1 Kodak case facts Eastman Kodak Company (Kodak) was founded in the late 19th century by amateur photographer George Eastman in Rochester, New York. With the slogan ‘you press the button, we do the rest,’ Kodak gave consumers the first simple camera in 1888, making a cumbersome and complicated process easy to use and readily

  • Australian Domestic Market: Australian Aviation Industry Essay

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    competition between Australia's airlines the Qantas group and Virgin Australia Holdings Pty Ltd (VAH) (which will be further referred to in this document as Virgin Australia) in the form of loss which can be seen in the below figure. In recent years, the Australian Domestic market has been predominantly a duopoly style market with Qantas Group and Virgin Australia being the main competitors contributing to market share. Virgin Australia entered late after deregulation and offered the first

  • Virgin Australia Airline: Management Report

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    Virgin Australia Airline Report Report on external environment and management functions Taffy Ghozali, Hafizhah Chandra Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to examine Virgin Blue’s external environment followed by its impacts to the organization as well as how management functions could help overcome the external environment for the organization to compete properly in the domestic airline market. Virgin Australia is Australia’s second largest domestic airline, commenced in

  • Observation of Virgin Company

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    1. Introduction Virgin Airways or Virgin Australia is a member of Virgin Group which was established by Richard Branson in 1970 with various sectors such as mobile telephony, transportation, travel, financial services, media, music, fitness and tourism. Virgin Australia was first put into operation on 31 August 2000 by the first flight DJ214 from Brisbane to Sydney. On that date, the company just had one route, two aircraft and a team of 200 people. Neil Chatfield, who has an extensive experience

  • Mba Managing the Human Resource Assignment

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    Symbol: At Virgin “fun” and “challenge” is the key brand value and terminology. It provides a challenging

  • Characteristics And Characteristics Of The Mineral Lazurite

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    5-5.5 which is about the halfway point between the weakest minerals and the strongest. As for another feature of Lazurite, the color usually falls in an array of blues from light to dark and sometimes green or even violet. When Lazurite is ground into a powder formally known as a streak, it brings forth the true color of the mineral and blue seems to be the case. When referring to the luster, one can define three different characteristics such as a vitreous, greasy, and waxy appearance. The luster is