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    Multi-sensory integration is a process in which sensory input from one sense organ interacts with and influences how other sense organs process this same input, and how these inputs combine to produce a cohesive and unified perceptual experience (Talsma, Senkowski, Soto-Faraco, and Woldorff, 2010). A prime example of multi-sensory integration is the process of speech perception which combines auditory and visual inputs to form a cohesive and comprehensive speech percept (Nath and Beauchamp, 2012)

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    Seminar topic falls under the area of computer graphics. Graphics is mainly used here for the easy communication between computer and user. Seminar topic focuses on talking head system.Talking head system is a technique in which an animated talking head generates lifelike face which is based on speech recognition. Talking head system converts this speech to an animated talking head having facial expressions and mouth movements.The seminar focuses on an approach that synthesizes ones’ face using a

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    System for creating animation stimuli for the study of instructor gestures in education. The system does not require artistic talent or programming expertise. The system provides an animation character that serves as an instructor avatar .The avatar can speak ,write on a nearby white board ,and make pointing ,embodied cognition and charisma gestures .The avatar is controlled with a text script that specify when and what the avatar says and does. Introduction -: Animation

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