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  • Benefits Of Canvas Prints

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    your story or praise your children artistic skills by displaying their artworks. Create an art gallery in your home or office with our line of rolled or stretched canvas prints. Unlike poster or oil painting, these wall art prints have an elegant appearance. Stretched canvas gives you the opportunity to decorate your walls with snapshots of the people and places in your life that have touched you most. Best of all, it's an affordable luxury! Ready to turn your

  • Personal Narrative-Helmet

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    Now that I’m older, I have started to loathe driving. Don’t ask me why, but after thirty years or so of being behind a wheel while commuting to work, I don’t think that I can handle doing it anymore. Thus, I traded in my car and got a scooter to bomb around town in. I no longer have to commute to work (I now work from home) so having something small and fast is perfect for my chosen lifestyle. One thing that also changed, however, was the fact that I now had to wear headgear whenever I went out

  • Research on the Logistics and Mechanisms of Attention

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    directly involved in the selection, distribution and maintenance of processing resources, which determines our ability to process complex and multiple stimuli from our environment and is crucial to our success and survival. Given the large magnitude of visual information we encounter every day, the existence of a selective mechanism –at a conscious and unconscious level- that regulates what we pay attention to is indisputable; it has even been conceptualized as a supramodal mechanism that distributes cognitive

  • The Size Weight Illusion Induced Through Human Echolocation

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    status, includes the testing of falling into perceptual ‘traps’. In this research, the authors are interested in whether echolocation, and its users, commit the ‘Size-Weight Illusion’. This is a visual perception trap whereby the perception of an object’s characteristics (size) can be influenced by its appearance (Charpentier, 1891). This notion is aptly condensed into an informative title “The Size-Weight Illusion induced through Human Echolocation” (p. 237). The title clearly presents the main topics

  • The Effect of Visual Field Position and Type of Stimuli on the Stroop Effect

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    capabilities. The Effect of Visual Field Position and Type of Stimuli on the

  • The Woman Of The Room Window Of A Mirror

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    (Jelinek 235). Her perspective makes scant appearance, but she’s often thrust forward as an important

  • The Uncanny Valley And Visual Expertise

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    how human-like they are. Then, I will describe visual expertise. Visual expertise in this sense refers to our ability to identify faces and other objects that we have experience in perceiving. That experience is used to make top-down assumptions about what faces and their features should look like. Harel (2016) looks at visual expertise, where it works, and how it works. Lastly, I will describe the relationship between the uncanny valley and visual expertise. Kätsyri, Förger, Mäkäräinen, & Takala

  • Design's Influence On People With Dementia

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    cent more, this can increase to 500 percent for reading, light levels of fifteen to twenty one meter high candles are suggested and ambient light to reduce glare (Jones, & Van Der Eerden, 2008). Additionally, individuals with dementia have the added visual deficits so lighting is

  • Film Mask Film Analysis

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    Rocky Dennis. Rocky suffers from a case of Craniodiaphyseal dysplasia, which results to an overgrowth of the cranium and a deformation of the skull’s natural shape and contours, thus making the afflicted person’s head looking highly abnormal in appearance. Despite the medical case suffered by Rocky and coming from a dysfunctional family has a mother who suffers from clinical depression and who is a drug addict; and a social group consisting of motor biker gang members, Rocky pursued to

  • Lab Report On Search For Things On A Day

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    Julia Monaco Cog Lab #1 Introduction: We use our attention to search for things on a day-to-day basis, whether complex or basic. Items we are searching for are noticed easier when there are many of the same different items (distractors) around the one we are searching for. It helps the item we are searching for stand out. When there is more than one different, kind of distractor around the item (target) it makes it harder for us to find to find it. Mackintosh (1975) states, in order to have selective