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  • The Effect of Visual Field Position and Type of Stimuli on the Stroop Effect

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    capabilities. The Effect of Visual Field Position and Type of Stimuli on the

  • Why is Hubel and Wiesel's Description of the Classical Receptive Field Inadequate for an Understanding of Visual Perception?

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    ultimate goal for a system of visual perception is representing visual scenes. It is generally assumed that this requires an initial ‘break-down’ of complex visual stimuli into some kind of “discrete subunits” (De Valois & De Valois, 1980, p.316) which can then be passed on and further processed by the brain. The task thus arises of identifying these subunits as well as the means by which the visual system interprets and processes sensory input. An approach to visual scene analysis that prevailed

  • Cerebral Isolation Using Word Processing

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    right visual field. Using this fact and the difference in visual fields, subjects were asked to focus on a flashing screen with a pulsating plus sign. Vertically oriented words would flash on either the left or right side of the plus sign in order to isolate individual hemispheres. The time to correctly identify the words was recorded and compared between the left and right visual fields as well as between males and females. In this case, there was a significant difference between visual fields

  • Right Visual Field Essay

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    In my trials, I found that when the word flashed in the patient’s right visual field, and they were instructed to use their right hand to fetch the object, they were able to correctly identify the word and fetch the correct object. This is because the patient was able to use their left brain to process the word and then control the right hand to fetch the object. When a word flashed in the patient’s left visual field and they were instructed to use their left hand to fetch the object, the patient

  • The Pros And Cons Of Pre-Testing

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    really is, one must feel an obligation to simply take a leap of faith and test it out on random participants or objects. Even for the buyers themselves will question or demand proof if it really works. This is where pretesting, pilot testing, and field-testing become essential. In 1971, Lee Weinblatt, founder of Pre-Testing and CEO realized that the advertisers and their agencies were upset by the lack of feedback as to “why?” ads and packages weren’t working up to their expectations. In the 1980’s

  • Redundant Target Effect

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    gives us the ability to multitask, as we can foucus on multiple subjects at the same time. However, this ability declines as we age. Older adults have a difficcult time processing information in the visual periphery. Mnay researches have been done to compare young adult and older adults functional field of View (FFOV). Though the expectation for the results of the research was not met, by measuring the retinal area from which observers can collect information necessary to make specific judgements

  • The Visions Of Hildegard : Analysis

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    The Visions of Hildegard: Scotomas and Phosphenes Oliver Sacks (2007) discussed a case study concerning Hildegard of Bingen, a nun who lived from 1098 to 1180 A.D. Hildegard experienced visual auras caused by scintillating scotomas which inspired her to write the book Scivias documenting her visual experiences (Sacks, 2007). From these illustrations and written descriptions, Sacks (2007) was able to theorize that Hildegard was actually experiencing an array of scotomas and phosphenes. Sacks (2007)

  • Resource Based View

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    VISUAL CONSIDERATIONS Visual considerations should be given prior importance while designing an automobile as it has direct effects on its design and design is supposed to be a very crucial factor as undoubtedly it is the thing that decides whether people are going to like it and buy it or not. With increase in age, there is gradual loss of elasticity in almost all the muscles of the body including muscles of eyes. This reduction in elasticity of the eye muscles lead to inability of the person

  • Case Study: Chical, LLC

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    Provide an example of your experience with work-related project that you enjoyed completing from start to finish. Describe the project, what steps were involved in planning, organizing and developing and delivery of the project. The owner of ChiCal, LLC contacted me about creating a new electronic employee handbook for her staff. Her former business corporation previously had employed me. ChiCal, LLC owns and operates six retail UPS stores in Indianapolis. ChiCal was formed after the previous

  • Operating System Essay

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    How can you link multiple files to manipulate the data in those files? Answer: c. with a common or key field 9. While in the Bash shell, you have written a simple script file and now want to execute the script. Which of the following commands enables you to run the script? Answer: a. sh 10. You are using the grep command, but it is only