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  • Vocal Jazz Ensemble Concert Report

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    Vocal Jazz Ensemble The concert that I went to the “Vocal Jazz Ensemble” on the date of May 21. Performance from the Vocal Jazz Ensemble and special guest Final Note-Us, both group performed extremely well and sang great songs. The concert consisted of eight songs, two from Final Note-Us group and six from the main performers Vocal Jazz Ensemble. There were thirteen vocalist in the opening group and a pianist, while the main group had twelve vocalist, one pianist, one bass, and one drum. Before

  • Kayla Schwartz Jazz Vocal Performance

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    I attended Kayla Schwartz jazz vocal performance in University of Miami’s Frost School of Music. Of the bat, I thought this performance would be great because although it was in a small classroom a lot of audience attended, to the point where some audience members had to stand since all the seats were taken. The first song was titled Elation, the original song was developed by Mulgrew Miller, and is essentially in the be-bop genre, hard bop to be exact. Although I enjoyed this song it wasn't my

  • The Roaring 20 's `` Changed Ella Fitzgerald 's Lifestyle And Her Music

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    prominent singers of all time. Though life provided numerous struggles she still managed to push through and complete her childhood dreams of becoming an entertainer. Fitzgerald’s voice developed through the style of music in the 20’s, eminent artists vocal structure and the emotion she channeled into her music due to her family’s financial issues. Overall Fitzgerald’s life during the 1920’s allowed her to develop into becoming a memorable artist. Ella Fitzgerald had a difficult childhood in the 1920’s

  • Honky Tonk History

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    1521078 Did country, blues and jazz evolve stylishly It Is difficult to define what exactly music is in today's standards you can quite easily offend anyone. However, there Is truth behind the fact that music is constantly changing as when it changed decades leading up to the age of rock, soul and hip-hop influencing genres. In ten years time, there will potentially be different music. However the discussion I will discuss is styles of country, blues and jazz and how it evolved. Honky-Tonk-

  • Essay on Compare and Contrast the Baroque Music and Jazz

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    mainly homophonic in texture as there is always one independent melody. When vocal sings the main melody, other instruments such as drum and piano play the bass lines. However, as the song gets close to the end, its texture becomes more like polyphonic. Imitation, Call and response and counterpoint abound. After repeating the main melody six times, there is call and response between trumpets and vocal. The vocal asks, “Tell me what’d I say” and trumpets answer. The same idea is repeated several

  • Essay On Jazz Concert

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    Washburn University Jazz Ensembles, I went to this concert with my boyfriend, Dylan. I decided to choose to go to the Jazz concert because I have always been interested in jazz; however, I have never attended a jazz concert before. Therefore, I believe it would be an amazing date idea for me and my boyfriend to attend. Which, the jazz concert was an amazing, and fun date night idea. The concert was split into 3 different types of jazz bands. Firstly, was the Washburn University Jazz Orchestra, they

  • Origins Of Today 's Music

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    Today 's Music While blues and jazz are musically different, they play a similar role in the in the musical genres that is heard today. Today, music is divided into many genres such as hip-hop, easy listening, country, rock and roll or classic rock, etc. Pure blues or jazz is hardly thought of, as those two genres are not heard as often in today’s music. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the difference between blues and jazz music. Blues and jazz are musical genres, or styles

  • Similarities And Differences Between Jazz And Jazz

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    about music especially in America with referencing Jazz or the Blues. The two genres of music are synonymous with the American music scene originating from Southern America. Their similar point of origin has caused much confusion in distinguishing the two mainly due to the way today’s artists’ music crossover. Both Jazz and Blues, are two independent genres that formed concurrently in the 20th century and were produced at the same time. Origination Jazz music originated from New Orleans America and

  • Music Concert Report Essay

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    attended a jazz vocal concert at the Music Concert Hall. The first vocal ensemble opened up the performance with a slow rhythmic song called Blue Skies. It began with vocals and I noticed a light auxiliary percussion and drum rhythm. Also, the bass guitarist used walking bass and the piano and electric guitar joined in as well. The first song also consisted of two soloist Regina and Chantel who took the front stage to show off their chops. After the solo performances they fell back into the vocal sections

  • Eleanora Fagan's Story Of An American Jazz Musici Billie Holiday

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    was an American jazz musician and singer-songwriter with a career lasting for nearly thirty years. Nicknamed "Lady Day" by her friend and music partner Lester Young, Holiday had a seminal influence on jazz music and pop singing. Her vocal style started the creation of a new way of phrasing and tempo. Holiday was known for her vocal delivery and improvisational skills, which was a way to balance out her limited range and lack of formal music education. While there were other jazz singers with equal