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  • Essay on Maya Angelou

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    Distress in Maya Angelou's Life Marguerite Ann Johnson, commonly known as Maya Angelou, was born on April 4, 1928 in St. Louis, Missouri. She is a famous African-American poet, novelist, and playwright and also worked during the civil rights: "Angelou is a very remarkable Renaissance woman who hailed as one of the great voices of contemporary literature" ( She is also an activist in civil-rights. Angelou went through many controversies during her childhood and adulthood; her

  • World War II : An Unmanned Plane Essay

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    Since the fateful, technological end of World War II, humankind has known that geeks are damn useful in warfare. With the new platform, Arduino, sweeping the DIY geek community by storm and featured on such sites as Make Magazine and Instructables, it was only a matter of time before capabilities for espionage surfaced. Regardless of your feelings towards violence, the 6 Arduino-based gadgets below are really freaking cool. #1 UAV Spy Plane Do you need an unmanned plane to take

  • Personal Narrative: Moving Into A Home

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    What happened in that house Daniel: When you get married you are expected to move into a house right away with your spouse and live happily ever after. That is what I expected to happen when I moved in with my new wife and our son on the way. We had been looking for a house in Atlanta, but we had not had much luck in finding a perfect home to raise our son in that was within our price range. We have been living in a one bedroom apartment, it is just not big enough for the three of us. One day I saw

  • Personal Narrative: Which Story Truly Stood Out?

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    When people ask me what I did over the summer, I can never exactly choose which story to tell. Which story truly stood out. It’s not that I don’t do anything during the summer, but I can never decide which story is unquestionably the cream of the crop. This year however, I went to see my favorite band ever with my best friend Zoe. I had been trying to convince my parents to get me tickets to the concert months prior to the end of the school year. It wasn’t until three weeks before the concert

  • Jacqueline Wilson Is The Most Important Moment In Life

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    Life is nothing without ups and downs. They make it abundantly rich. While growing up in the United Kingdom and then moving to Canada, I encountered many problems that shaped me into the beautiful young woman I am today. With the help of my family, peers, and teachers, I was able to overcome troubling occurrences with ease. Even though all the events taught me something in a way, three of them in particular stood out to me. Meeting Jacqueline Wilson, the loss of my best friend, and the death of my

  • Personal Narrative: Adrian's Growing Up

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    We walk in silence the whole way. We walk across my lawn and get to the front door. I unlock it and tell him to go upstairs into the room at the far end of the hall, which is my room, while I make my brother a snack. Adrian is sitting at the table doing his homework and I set some sliced apples and caramel on the table next to him and ruffle his hair. Before I could even start, he told me that he won’t watch TV until his homework is finished

  • Personal Statement : Make A Wish Foundation

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    Make-A-Wish Foundation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization which helps to fund and provide experiences for children with life-threatening medical conditions. CEO David Williams articulated, “The vision is not just about a number - it 's about real lives and very real wish impact” (Make-A-Wish America, 2016, p. 1). These children must be between the ages of 3 and 17; and must have a physician to assure that they are eligible for the program. It was created in the spring of 1980 after the death

  • Make A Hope Research Paper

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    about their situation, that's what Make-A-Wish is for. Make-A-Wish has brought happiness to many kids who are struggling with their conditions. Make-A-Wish has also been putting lots of effort towards their kids in hopes of them having the best day ever. Member of Make-A-Wish America and Medical Advisory Council, Dr. Shoba Srikantan, stated in his blog that the medical procedures they put the kids through tries to remind them they are safe and their wish will make it less scarier since they have something

  • Mac Vs. Makeup Art Cosmetics

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    known around the world. MAC cosmetics target consumers from young to older women who love its high contrasts, and vibrant colors. A brand is only accomplished if the “specific cosmetic is dependent upon the consumer’s perception that the cosmetic will make him/her more attractive.” (Hunt, Fate, Dodds, 2011) Advertising to makeup artist who worked with celebrities Mac was able to define its label with stars such as Lady Gaga, Elton John, and Nicki Minaj. MAC was created for fashion models around the world

  • The Career Of A Makeup Artist

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    Starting at the age of 11, there was this young girl who began to get really interested into makeup. Her dad though, did not really like makeup at all so she snuck it on whenever she got to school and made sure she took it off either while she and her brothers walked home or before her dad came to pick her up. This young girl was only in the 6th grade, which is kind of reasonable now that she thinks back on it, but when she was 11 she thought it was the most unfair thing; why stop her from doing