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  • A Summary Of The Short-A Short Story

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    The rusty, scarlet gear of Jimmy’s clock starts to turn as usual on this crisp autumn morning. Although school was out on this particular Sunday in 1945, the ringing of his clock began at six o’clock and lasted until the drowsy boy could lift his rawboned hands. The crimson colored cotton blanket was tiredly kicked off by his scrawny foot. His light skin was soon met with a chilling breeze that gave shivers down the boys four-foot-seven frame. The undersized pin house was lively and sprawling with

  • A Distinction Between War And Terrorism

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    A distinction between war and terrorism, and from where terrorism emerged. Within the history of humanity, war and violence has its origins deeply rooted amongst almost all cultures. Terrorism is a relatively young concept. The differences between war and terrorism are essential in understanding the social distinctions between both forms of aggression. The common phrase, ‘All is fair in love and war,’ suggests that acts of aggression are acceptable because of the context, almost expected. The word

  • Argumentative Essay On Chemical Weapons

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    Name Class Assignment Date Title War, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is “A state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state” (citation). War truly does bring out the worst of in the people involved, because in war the objective is to kill or capture enough of the opposing sides’ soldiers to show that your side is superior. Both sides will take any measures necessary to win, a few examples of this being Mustard gas, Ricin, Agent Orange

  • Write An Essay On The ARMY Doctrine

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    Introduction In ARMY Doctrine Publication 1 - The ARMY it is stated that weapons of mass destruction are the greatest threat to our homeland. (U.S. ARMY, 2012) As a society we have weaponized everything from Chemical agents, Biological agents, Radiological devices, and of course Nuclear bombs. Chemical warfare agents such as sarin gas are near the top of the list of these WMD’s. Originally sarin was developed in Germany in 1938 as a pesticide, and later classified as a nerve agent. Sarin was intended

  • How Is VX Agents Used As Weapons Of Mass Destruction

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    VX Agents Used as Weapons of Mass Destruction Nerve agents are threatening for any living species, specially humans. These chemical compounds could be absorbed through the skin, inhaled, entered via the eyes, or ingested. Not only they can remain in the air for a prolonged lapse of time, but they also adhere to the plants, the ground, clothing, and other natural sources or man-made items. In addition, there are many types of nerve agents, some of which are more life-threatening than others; such

  • Veertex Consent

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    Vertex concept proposal Nonclinical IIS Concept Submission CONFIDENTIAL Title: Plasma-induced signatures from cystic fibrosis patients treated with VX-770 and VX-809—can evaluation of the extracellular milieu reveal a mechanism of treatment response? A. Principal Investigator: Hara Levy, MD, MSc B. Purpose of the Study: Dysfunction of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR)1 is responsible for cystic fibrosis (CF), an inherited multisystem disease characterized by progressive

  • Vertex Case Study

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    Vertex R&D portfolio Decision Joshua Boger, CEO of Vertex has to decide on two out of four R&D portfolios that are to be fully funded by Vertex and to decide on the fate of the other two portfolios i.e. whether to partner or hold them as backups. In order to decide on the R&D portfolio, an objective quantitative analysis might not be suitable considering the high levels of uncertainities and consequently the risks involved in pharmaceutical research projects. It is important to have a qualitative

  • The Fight Against Infectious Disease

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    By saving millions of lives and millions of dollars, vaccines have been responsible for some of the greatest successes in public health. However, the struggle against infectious disease is a continual process requiring new vaccines for the challenges that may confront human health in the future. The vaccine market is fragile and requires both supply and demand side interventions. Vaccine availability has been limited by the number of suppliers, high R&D and production costs, and safety problems leading

  • The Role Of Chemical Weapons In World War I

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    discovered in the 1930s by German chemists who were trying to develop a new pesticide - how unfortunate. Little did they know that a small mistake like that could possibly change the course of our planet for a long time. Examples of nerve agents include VX and Tabun. Tabun has been outlawed by the Chemical Weapons Convention in 1993 and it was created by Germany in World War

  • What Is Chemical Warfare?

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    relations “Vx is the most toxic nerve agent ever synthesized(council of foreign relations). It is able to kill people in less than an hour after exposure to skin or inhalation by extremely small doses. Which is extremely dangerous considering that it can be delivered as a gas(Us Army DA PAM ). “Early symptoms of percutaneous exposure (skin contact) may be local muscular twitching or sweating at the area of exposure followed by nausea or vomiting. Some of the early symptoms of a VX vapor exposure