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  • Summary Of Slow Dance And Leisure By W. H. Weatherford

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    Introduction: In modern society, many people take life for granted, even though that the harsh reality is that life is short. The poems ‘Slow Dance’ and ‘Leisure’ by David L. Weatherford and W.H. Davies respectively, convey the message that in life, there is no time to waste. However, they express it by incorporating different poetic devices and imagery. Despite their similarities in theme, the poems have distinguishable differences in the tone and mood which set them apart. Body Paragraph 1: The

  • The Poetry of Wystan Hugh Auden

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    ​Wystan Hugh Auden was born in York, England on February 21, 1907. He was educated at Christ Church, Oxford after his family moved to Birmingham in his early childhood. He later attended Oxford University where his gift as a poet was immediately recognized. In 1930, at the age of twenty three, Auden's second collection of poetry aptly titled, Poems, was published, thus establishing him as a leading voice of a new generation (“W.H. Auden”). ​Auden's technical virtuosity and extraordinary ability

  • The Lake Isle Of Innisfree

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    The poems “The Lake Isle of Innisfree” by William Butler Yeats and “To Autumn” by John Keats have some similarities as well as some differences. Both authors talk about the sounds like water, animals, birds, and insects. Also, they talk about the scenery, for instance, sunset over the lake and trees full of fruits. But one author talks about moving a place far from city and the other talks about how one season is different from the others. The language in these poems is soothing because the poets

  • Analysis of The Unknown Citizen by W.H. Auden Essay examples

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    Analysis of The Unknown Citizen by W.H. Auden “The Unknown Citizen”, written by W.H. Auden during 1940, is a poem where the speaker, a representative of the state or government, directs a speech to the audience about a monument being erected for a citizen. Written in free verse, although using many couplets, this poem is a poem that describes the life of a certain person through his records and documents. This citizen is portrayed as a normal and average human being who is being honoured

  • Analysis Of Auden 's ' The Unknown Citizen, And Funeral Blues ' All By Auden

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    It is difficult to make poetry with commentary on social and political issues. It is even more difficult to make poetry with commentary on social and political views that is both enjoyable and humorous. Poet W.H. Auden did this. As the 1930s seemed to be drawing closer towards war, Auden became a leading spokesman of his generation, a political writer who warned against dangers that are caused by totalitarianism. His socialism and distrust of nationalism during this period was strong, influenced

  • Summary Of Funeral Blues And The Sun Rises

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    Love transcends time and natural elements The poems Funeral Blues by WH Auden, and The Sun Rises by John Donne, offer two views on the experience of love on a universal proportion. Auden suggests that without love, the world should cease to continue, similarly Donne alludes to concepts of time having no business in his love. Donne’s personifies the sun as accuses the sun, giver of life to the universe as a, “busy old fool, unruly Sun, Why dost thou thus,” and questions to “thy (the suns) motions

  • Poetry : Are The Arts Of Painting And Poetry

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    Are the arts of painting and poetry comparable? It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but can a painting truly be represented in written form? The Modernist poets William Carlos Williams and W.H. Auden use every grammatical tool and trick of form available to them to do just that. Williams wrote the poem “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” which makes a clear allusion in the first line to a painting with the same name by Brueghel the Elder. Similarly, W.H. Auden also wrote a poem called

  • Time Imagery In Auden's Poetry

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    Auden uses time in his poetry through several different forms, each for different purpose. Time appears as a major theme expressed in the vocabulary used as a scaffold for the introduction of other major themes such as love and Time is expressed in historical references as well. To underline this impact, Auden uses time imagery, specifically bells and clocks, in order to illustrate his personals feelings, and the inevitable circle of life characterized by ephemerality and continuity respectively

  • Wilfred Owen And WH Auden's Refugee Blues And Disabled

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    The poets Wilfred Owen and WH Auden are both war poets of different times, Refugee Blues and Disabled convey the pity of war but from two different prospectives. In the case of Refugee blues it is sited right before WW2 from the eyes of a refugee couple and Disabled is situated in WW1 from the eyes of a soldier injured in the war. Both poets use the technique of repetition, it is used throughout the poem in the last line of every stanza in Refugee Blues, “my dear” it tells the reader that the poem

  • ##versical Dilemmas, And Peter Singer's The Singer Solution To World Poverty

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    The subject of suffering has been a discussion of debate among numerous philosophers for many decades. In the article, “The Singer Solution to World Poverty,” Peter Singer forms two theoretical scenarios to encourage readers to consider their obligations in aiding children in need; in the poem “Musee des Beaux Arts,” by W.H. Auden, employs the use of two paintings to illustrate the indifference of humanity to individual suffering. At first, readers will say that both pieces are noticeably different