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  • What I Hope Is A Very Long Time

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    Hands red, stinging, raw, with use. Sweat instantly formulates on my forehead. Laughter fills the air as children climb their way down the steps off the beaten up school bus. Looking left towards one of my best friends I can tell her crooked teeth glimmer after I finish telling my “favoritest joke ever!” Fourth grade wasn’t the start of this everlasting friendship, but time blossomed the friendship that has grown today. These are my people; this is our story. Four specific people have been placed

  • Creative Writing: Jenna Van Winken

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    I stuck one vanilla wafer at the bottom of the small green cup and put the other three in my mouth. I chewed slightly to make it easier for myself and began drinking. Suddenly, Emily began to laugh at the way I looked making me laugh as well. The only problem was that the apple juice and vanilla wafers were still in my tiny mouth. I busted into a fit of laughter. Vanilla wafers and apple juice went across the cow printed room, leaving a trail of wafers and juice across the brand new wooden

  • Lab Report : ' Glass Wafer '

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    TITLE: SU-8 Photoresist Patterning on a 3” Glass Wafer (Ti coated) to fabricate microstructure test pattern. ABSTRACT: INTRODUCTION: MATERIALS AND METHODS: Materials Required: Equipment and tools: Spin Coater, Hotplates, Cleanroom Wipes, UV Light Source (Karl Suss Mask Aligner), Mask, Tweezers, and Glass Petri Dish. Chemicals: SU-8 Photoresist, SU-8 Developer (1-Methoxy-2-propanol acetate) and Isopropanol (IPA). Controls: The development procedures should be conducted in

  • Method Of The Photolithography During The Wafer Processing

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    experiment is to scrutinize the method of the photolithography during the wafer processing. There are two parts in this experiment. The first part is to coat the wafer using resist element with the help of spin coating technique at different spin speed then soft bake it and then measuring the thickness of the wafer using Ellipsometer to know the resistance formed on the surface of the wafer. Second we apply the photoresist to the wafer then it is placed in the mask aligner where the

  • Creative Writing: The Kingston Tunnel

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    Flaggwell Kingston Tunnel (Sealed at both entryways) Upon taking a flashlight, brand new with full battery life, into the tunnel, I found the fuse box that controls the lights overhead. After opening it, I found all the fuses were in perfect condition and functional, once confirming this fact I proceeded to move the switch into an upwards position to test if power was still coming in. To my surprise, the light came on without hesitation, save for the few that blew out instantly. With the lights

  • Mitel Analysis

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    terms of investment/capacity increase would be 150mm in conversion to larger wafers. Option 3: Contract Out Fabrication With this option, we would increase our capacity dealing with a supplier. Positive: • The capacity would increase with no initial investment. • The capacity would be the same as demand. Negative: • Fixed costs would increase by $1 million annually. • Cost would increase to $600/wafer, which would cut our gross profit by 35%. The cost calculations are given

  • Mitel Semiconducter Case Essay

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    The risk to this alternative is the fear that the industry will continue to move into larger sized wafers and it will become increasingly difficult to find suppliers for the 150mm wafer. If that should happen, Mitel would once again be in the same situation. Given the forecasted demand for Mitel’s semiconductors, there is not sufficient cause to upgrade the Bromont Foundry to sizes of wafers greater than 150mm. At anything larger than 150mm Mitel will find itself in an excess capacity situation

  • VSI MOde Vision Software

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    in VSI mode with Vision software, are shown in figure 4-8. Figure 4: plain silicon wafer Figure 5: S4P5M (Plain wafer etched with 5M KOH/IPA solution for 15 minutes) Figure 6: S3P1M (Plain silicon wafer etched Figure 5: M (6-8µm) Wafer ground using Al2O3 with 1M KOH/IPA solution for 15 minutes)

  • Ltcc Based High Voltage 3 D Power Module

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    proposed. The proposed power module utilized multi-layer LTCC interposers to perform 3-D stack, which provides series connection between devices to achieve high voltage rating of the power module. The proposed 3-D stack can be implemented through wafer-level packaging using silicon (Si) and silicon carbide (SiC) devices where paralleling of multiple devices is required to achieve high current. In the proposed high voltage package design, through-hole vias are implemented to form electrical connections

  • Eating Habits And Food Choices Play Vital Roles

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    intake of fiber per day. My daily snacks of Nilla Wafers and graham crackers may at first glimpse appear to be harmless, tasty snack choices, but are not nearly as beneficial to my health as they seem. For a person suffering with high blood pressure, special attention towards the amount of sodium in foods as well his or her daily consumption of sodium is vital to the maintenance and reduction of such high blood pressure levels. Both the vanilla wafer cookies and graham crackers include high amounts