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  • Ultrasonic Based Walking Stick For Blind

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     ULTRASONIC BASED WALKING STICK FOR BLIND Shubham Rewari#1, Apurv Shaha#2, Sankaradithyan Gunasekharan#3 1, 2, 3 DEPARTMENT OF E&TC ENGINEERING, SINHGAD COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING S. No. 44/1, OFF SINHGAD ROAD, VADGAON BK, PUNE – 411041 Email ID: shubham.rewari14@gmail.com, apurvshaha@gmail.com, sankar.adithya@gmail.com Abstract—The paper here presents the model of a walking stick that alerts visually challenged people over obstacles by use of electronic sensors and controllers. Very few of the navigation

  • The Power Of Desire In A & P By John Updike

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    them as they are getting thrown out of the store resulting in him quitting his job. This action we see would be the power of desire which is the theme throughout this story. In society today we tend to see lots of people especially teens afraid to stick up for what they believe in. With the power of desire, it builds up confidence, shows maturity in the coming of ages, and it even proves you can do what you believe in. If everyone had this much confidence like Sammy, our world may be a stronger place

  • Reflection Of A Journey To The Lake Of The Woods

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    after my mother passed and now our vacation week on Lake of the Woods involves us to create conversation and shared experiences. Our vacation retreat is on a small island that now has several walking paths, the necessary boat dock and a very modest cabin. As my mother used to say, “It’s a cabin in the sticks”. The island’s inhabitance began in the 1920’s by my father’s father. It’s both humble and grand. More than once will I hear the word” Paradise” as my father voices his awe at the rugged beauty

  • The Benefits Of Hiking And Trekking

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    hiking poles? Is the primary question that you ask yourself, especially when you are a beginner in hiking. Before you get the right answer for this question you need to consider two things and that is Safety and Comfort. Hiking poles are just balancing sticks which help you maintain good balance that is closely related to your overall safety and comfort. When you use two poles you move as you have four legs which allow you better comfort and safety. Hiking experts say that using hiking poles makes you

  • A Day at the Norton Simon Museum Essay examples

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    unshaven face. The bags under his eyes seem to compliment the walking stick and both show the aging process of man. His clothes look to be unwashed and is probably the only clothes he owns. His clothes consist of a long white v-neck long sleeved shirt and a pair of torn blue jeans to cover his legs. He also has a sack that is hung over his right shoulder. This sack is the same color or appears to be the same color of his hat. The walking stick he carries clenched in his left-hand stands from feet to

  • My Father And Brother - Original Writing

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    It was late fall in 2009 when I quietly sat on the plane looking after my youngest brother who was restlessly sitting besides me. We were heading back to my hometown, Kotzebue, Alaska, for a reason I did not know about. Sitting without any worry at all, I over heard my mom quietly speaking to a friend in the aisle in front of us. My mom gravely explained to her that my father and brother are lost in a bitterly cold and extremely windy snowstorm outside of town. On that frigid October night, our hearts

  • Short Story :The Man In Black?

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    just him?” I ask steadying myself “Yes” he answers crossing his arms “How much collateral damage did we have during that shooting?” I ask recalling when I had gotten the news of the men and women who had died “Too much,” he says holding my walking stick out I grab it from his hands and. I begin to put on my belt as well as my pistol’s holster and my vest. As I finish White foot opens the flap allowing me to walk out of the tent. I'm greeted by Black Wing the leader of the tribe “Jonah, White

  • My Experience My Learning Experience

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    growling since I had not ate since 9am. I began walking to Canes Chicken Fingers to

  • Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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    join me if you want" so I 'll go turn on the water nd start to take off my shirt then I forget I need a towel so I 'll open the door nd come out the bathroom shirtless to go get a towel while your laying on the bed you 'll see me nd sit up as I 'm walking by you 'll grab me nd pull me down on the bed with you we 'll start kissing then I 'll start to kiss on your neck then I 'll start to rub my hands down ur legs then you 'll push me off tell me to go get n the shower so lol get up nd go back n the

  • The I 'm Gon Na

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    just playfully rolled her eyes; she was 17 years old-- and can take care of herself-- what could happen? She’s contained to the cruise ship anyway. Beth giggled to herself as she read the texts from her friends-- completely unaware of where she was walking. She unconsciously flipped over the white, metal safety rail, she felt like her heart was going to come out as she fell feet down into the colorless water. Her eyes shut as the full weight of her body miraculously smacked onto a old plank of