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  • Wallace Stegner's Wilderness Letter Essay

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    In Wallace Stegner’s “Wilderness Letter,” he is arguing that the countries wilderness and forests need to be saved. For a person to become whole, Stegner argues that the mere idea of the wild and the forests are to thank. The wilderness needs to be saved for the sake of the idea. He insinuates that anyone in America can just think of Old faithful, Mt. Rainier, or any other spectacular landform, even if they have not visited there, and brought to a calm. These thoughts he argues are what makes

  • What Is Compromise Hell By Wendell Berry

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    Have you ever thought about how your actions or opinions affected the environment around you? We’re constantly unaware of what we do that impacts the environment’s condition. One author named Wendell Berry blames the public in his article regarding the way society and the industry has treated the environment and its natural resources. This raises concerns whether we should be putting more importance on the economy or the land that we live in for the sake of our future survival. While I agree with

  • Purpose Of Industrialization

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    Despite having a large agricultural land, Mississippi is still one of the poorest states in America without enough food for its population. One of the reasons is that farming has been taken over by mega-corporations whose harvest is not intended to feed the local population, but instead to feed other parts of the world. The environment pays a big price for this, as these corporations do not find it important to put aside some funds to take care of it. This has caused people like Mr. Wendell Berry

  • Social Inequality In The Wire

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    The twelfth episode of The Wire showed Stringer Bell collecting the pagers from the crew down in the pit and informing them that if they need to talk to someone, to do it in person. He gives Bodie and D’Angelo cell phones and three numbers to memorize and those are the only way to get ahold of people to schedule a meeting time. After Avon and Stringer met with their lawyer, they started to move out of Orlando’s club because they believe that Orlando told the police about the involvement that the

  • Triumph Of The Right : George Wallace, Richard Nixon, And The American Revolution

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    Americans when they encountered discrimination, hatred, and inequality. Along with that, Dan T. Carter carefully analyzes the political outcomes of the Presidential campaign of the 1960’s and it’s victory in the excerpt “Triumph of the Right: George Wallace, Richard Nixon, and the Critique of Federal Activism.” While many still argue that both of the tumultuous decade’s social movements harmed the way the United Sates functions today, it also evidently shows to be victorious due to its liberal changes

  • Harry Truman, The President Of The United States

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    Aaron Siegler Mrs. Rapp English/P6 30 November 2015 I. Introduction President Harry Truman, the 33rd president, was a honorable man as shown in this quote, "The heroism of our troops was matched by that of the armed forces of the nation 's that fought by our side they absorbed the blows and shared to the full in the ultimate destruction of the enemy.” This quote shows how the president was caring. He was a great man and is able to do many things such as ending World War II and he has also used

  • Personal Statement : John F. Kennedy

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    actions during the civil rights movement. As a visionary leader he used Inspirational Motivation to rally a diverse team in pursuit of his space vision, despite extreme challenges. He showed he was an ethical leader during his stand-off with Governor Wallace. This led the way for civil rights for African-Americans and laid the foundation for equal opportunity for all Americans, changing our country’s morals and ethical values. Lastly, I will highlight two situations that enabled me to reflect on my

  • The Controversy Of Race And Authority

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    Has one ever felt disheartened watching the news and the headlines says that there was another minority victim in an officer related shooting? Has one ever wondered why race versus authority is such a huge problem? Has one ever asked how did society get this far as to physically harming law enforcement? The answer is the media has allowed it to get this far. Race relations and authority has been a deep rooted problem since the founding of this nation. By enslaving Africans and other ethnicities,

  • Analysis Of ' Demagoguery And Fallacies ' Essay

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    In the speech of George Wallace on the topic of segregation and Donald Trump 's speech on the topic of immigration are perfect examples of the use of demagoguery. I will analyse the use of demagoguery and fallacies; such as grandstanding, demonising, nationalism, and hasty generalization, throughout their speeches to see how they appeal to the audience, I believe that the strategies use will show how the argument is inaccurate or how it relies on fear . In George Wallace in his speech as the "Governor

  • The Collective History Of Scotland

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    Both Robert Burns and William Wordsworth use the past in their poetry to inspire readers to change their future but the two poets go about it in very different ways. Burns focuses on the collective history of Scotland, drawing on its folk songs, national heroes and culture to create revolutionary sentiment in his readers. Wordsworth sits at almost the other end of the spectrum he focuses in on the past of individuals and how their futures could be changed through their mind-sets. Unlike Wordsworth