War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave

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  • What Caused The Bombing Of Pearl Harbor?

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    1941. The V-J Day came from the World War II. Pearl Harbor came from native Hawaiians so their nicknames were “Wai Momi” (pearl waters). 7:55 Hawaii time a lot of action took place the Japanese had over 360 that lead them to United States naval. It was also another unknown attack that happen mad attack against the United States Pacific Fleet that bought the United States into it. That’s what made it World War II. President Roosevelt had a lot to do with the World War II. That’s how the Japanese would

  • Cause Of World War 2 Essay

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    Causes of World War 2 Through the course of history, the most destructive war had emerged creating a distraught and treacherous 6 years. World War 2 was the result of 50 million people's death. Many lost their life and their love ones through this war. Both civilians and military lost their lives. World War 2 was fought over 6 continents and every ocean. It was by far the most global war fought, with 50 nations involved. Causes of World War 2 included the result of the Versailles Treaty, American

  • World War II: The Battle Of Guadalcanal

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    World War 2 There have been to many wars to count that the United States has fought. World war 2 was an important war to this earth. Some important american battles included The battle of Guadalcanal, The Attack on pearl harbor, and The battle of Midway island. The battle of Guadalcanal The battle of Guadalcanal was a battle in Australia in August, 1942 over an air force base between the United States and Japan. USA deployed about 60,000 troops in a US Marine surprise attack. Japan deployed

  • A Date Which Will Live In Infamy

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    after this atrocious act against our great country. Around 8 AM on December 7th, 1941, Japanese forces attacked a US naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The attack on the base rattled the world both home and abroad. It also brought America directly to the front line of World War 2, changing the tide of the entire war. At home, there was both positive and negative effects. On that sunny day in Hawaii, everything was calm and quiet. That fact changed dramatically just before 8 AM. Six Japanese aircraft

  • Feminism From The 1800s To Early 1900s

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    As the ocean, western feminism moves in waves; first wave, second wave, and third wave. These waves are all categorized by their own hardships and struggles, from the very first suffrage movement to today’s international women’s march, each of these chapters have had different icons and revolutionaries, but overall have kept the same idea in mind; to achieve equality amongst all sexes and diminish the patriarchal society, where men are the rulers of society, in order to ensure both men and women

  • Essay On Gender Equality In Canada

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    Canada is generally perceived as a country of freedom and equity in all aspects around the world. But in fact, gender equality has not yet been reached in our society. According to statistics, Canada was only ranked 35th on World Economic Forum gender gap list (“Global Gender Gap List Puts Canada at 35th”). Throughout history, activists have variously prioritized identities rooted in class, race, sexuality, age, gender and ability, but changes will need to continue in our current society and in the

  • How Did Japan Attack On Pearl Harbor

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    December 1914 President Franklin gave a speech during the speech he declared that December 7 1941 was "a date that will live in infamy." After the speech he ask the congress to declare war everyone but one voted that thy should declared war that is how the U.S, got into World War 2.A newspaper article came out the next day about the attack on pearl harbour and the head line was ‘U.S declares

  • Warld War II

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    World War 2 was a gruesome war that had a terrible outcome. Millions of people were killed. Cities were destroyed. Countries were bankrupted. During this war, the US played a significant role. The US had a major strategy called Island Hopping, in which the US would take over islands in the Philippines while slowly moving towards striking distance of Japan. Another important happening in this was not necessarily a slow moving conquering, but a date. This day was D-Day. A few years in

  • Cause And Effects Of Tsunamis

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    earthquake hit somewhere south of the Indian Ocean. The energy from the earthquake itself released more than every single explosive that was detonated in world war 2 including the nuclear bombs. The earthquake caused Tsunamis all the way up to 30 meters high. The wave smashed into Indonesia, South Asia, and the west coast of Africa. Punching as deep as 2 kilometers inland in some places. The damage in these places was often extensive. The Indian Ocean tsunami caused the most deaths, while the Japan

  • Imagine Being In Hawaii Relaxing In Oahu

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    and the next thing you know, you're being attacked by the Japanese. What would you do? Where would you go? Pearl Harbor was a navy base that got destroyed by the Japanese on December 7, 1941 around 8:00 A.M. People were on the beach talking, relaxing, and playing in the water, and then a huge shock was dealt to the United States. More than 350 Japanese aircrafts came over and attacked the base. About 2,400 Americans were killed leaving 1,250 injured (Taylor). Japan finally declared war on the United