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  • Peloponnesian War Strategy

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    Evolution of Strategy Throughout the Peloponnesian War In the years leading up to the Peloponnesian War, Athens and Sparta formed a successful alliance defending Hellas from a Persian invasion. This alliance dissolved soon after leaving two independent city-states in its place. Athens possessed a robust naval force and Sparta possessed a formidable military force. Each possessed unique systems of government and policies that defined markedly different approaches for relationships with their respective

  • 33 Strategies Of War

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    The 33 Strategies of War, by Robert Greene, talks about strategies that are used to fight enemies. As he explains about fighting your enemies, just like in his other book, which is the 48 Laws of Power, uses history in order to support his claims. As he uses these 33 strategies and how they were used in history, he relates this to toady and how they are applicable to society. This book shows that the successes in history can be duplicated in today's time. The conflict in this book is that there are

  • Iraq War Strategy

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    the past, to not consider all the elements of strategy, to not clearly define our endstate and to not commit fully to them remain

  • Strategies In The Cold War

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    The Cold War began in the years 1945- 1950 between the countries of the United States and the Soviet Union. In the Cold War consisted of many different strategies that were used to intimidate or scare the opponent. A few of these strategies consisted of using fear, the Arms Race, and the use of Financial Aid. This was a war fought without using harmful machinery weapons. In the Cold War fear was a big strategy that was used to scare the other country that they are battling. In an excerpt

  • Nuclear War : A War Confrontation Strategy

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    Mutually assured destruction, or MAD, is a war confrontation strategy that has no restrictions on the production or use of nuclear weapons and suggests that the two sides engaged in nuclear war should expect the complete annihilation of their countries. This strategy may seem immoral compared to others strategies such as, counterforce, which would only target a governments military assets and restrict the use of weapons on civilian targets. However, the MAD strategy can assure the security of every country

  • The Theory Of War And Strategy Essay

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    War is a phenomenon that has always been, it is, and will be an essential part of human existence. It is all about exercising control, and/or imposing own will on the others. War can be described through its nature and character. There is an indispensable relationship between war, policy, and strategy. For better understanding of the war, its nature, characteristics, causes, and how the war can be waged, we need to understand the influence of policy, and the importance of strategy. Strategy is formulated

  • The Gulf War Strategy Essay

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    The Gulf War Strategy Following the Vietnam war there was a national perception that the United States was no longer a major military power. In actuality, the United States had not lost power but military authority. The difference between the two is explained in the following excerpt from On Strategy II: A Critical Analysis of the Gulf War by Col. Harry G. Summers: Simply stated, military power, based on physical factors that can be counted and computerized, is the aggregate of the size

  • Peloponnesian War Strategies Essay

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    Peloponnesian War Strategies "Just before the Peloponnesian War began, Pericles of Athens and King Archidamus of Sparta provided net assessments of the comparative strengths and weaknesses of the two sides. Evaluate their projections." A study of the strategies and projections of King Archidamus of Sparta as compared to those of Pericles of Athens reveal Archidamus' understanding of the "superiority of land power as a basis for success at sea" in the ancient Mediterranean - as well as

  • Soviet Afghanistan War Strategy

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    As wars have progressed throughout time, so have their complexities. Throughout history, wars and similar conflicts around the world began with limited goals and objectives; as a result, this leads to civil unrest and insurgencies. The Soviet-Afghanistan War provided numerous examples of an ineffective counterinsurgency strategy. As the Soviet Army tactically transitioned through the war, their reliance on military power, to try to stop an insurgency led them engage with a scorched earth approach

  • Analysis Of The Athens Strategy In The Peloponnesian War

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    The Athens Strategy in the Peloponnesian War This essay examines the evolution of the Athens strategy from the beginning to the end of The Peloponnesian War (431 to 404 BCE). The Strategy will be evaluated in the context of the relationship of ends, means, and ways by testing the suitability, acceptability, feasibility, and risk. Viewed through ends, ways, means, the character of the Athens strategy evolved from the defensive from the beginning of the war into the offensive during the Sicilian