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  • Warner EMI Strategic Development Essay

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    Innovative Marketing, Volume 2, Issue 1, 2006 67 Warner EMI Music. Strategic Development for the First Decade of the New Millennium Demetris Vrontis Abstract This case has been compiled to put forward the author’s suggestions for future strategic development open to Warner EMI Music as they develop during the 1st Decade of the 21st Century. The case is divided into four main sections. Section one is concerned with an environmental scanning including an analysis of Porters’ Value Chain

  • Hi Hi Hi

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    My City Too Much Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2 Come Thru All Me The Motion 1.Tuscan Leather (A. Graham, A. Palman, N. Shebib, D. W. Foster, L. Thompson-Jenner) Sandra Gale / EMI Music Publishing (ASCAP), Sandra Gale / EMI Music Publishing (ASCAP), Mavor & Moses Inc. / Kobalt (ASCAP), Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp (BMI), Songs Of Universal. Produced by Noah “40” Shebib for Evdon Music Inc. Recorded by Noah Shebib and Noel Cadastre for Evdon Music Inc. Assisted by Luke Leveille, Jeff Crake

  • EMI Corporate Finance Essay

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    For the exclusive use of C. Portillo Cardenas, 2015 UV1201 Rev. Feb. 13, 2009 EMI GROUP PLC In this Internet age, the consumer is using music content more than ever before— whether that’s playlisting, podcasting, personalizing, sharing, downloading or just simply enjoying it. The digital revolution has caused a complete change to the culture, operations, and attitude of music companies everywhere. It hasn’t been easy, and we must certainly continue to fight piracy in all its forms. But there can

  • American Rock Band Paramore As A Case Study

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    With the fast rising technology and the closer world community, the music industry has changed dramatically in this modern world. In this case, I will choose an American rock band Paramore as a case study. I will first start with an overview and a brief history of the band, afterwards I will focus on the main four music business areas, which are Artist Management, Record Companies, Music Publishing and Live Performance, examining how they operate in the industry and their relationship between each

  • Informational Communication Technology

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    11. Assessments Assignment Number 1: Case Study (35%) Assignment Title: Business Problem-Solving Case: Soundbuzz’s Music Strategy for Asia Pacific Assignment Length: 2500 words minimum Submission Deadline: Learning Outcome: * Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the main concepts, tools and techniques of competitive planning * Evaluate critically and comment on control process techniques, tools and methods required for the development of ICT for competitive advantage

  • Emi Group Case Study

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    monetary resources while benefitting from tax exemptions. So before setting a dividend policy for EMI group, we must first

  • The Impact Of The Internet On The Music Industry

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    internet is modifying the music industry. The industry is becoming more and more digital. CDs , iPods, and MP3s are becoming more unnecessary. Websites like Pandora, Spotify and Youtube are being used now more than ever (Wikström 74). This can be very beneficial because it is easier now more than ever to get your music out there (Day 64). The internet can also be very disastrous for the music industry because a large number of the population is pirating music. The piracy of music can lead to many problems

  • The Music Of The Digital Age

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    industry is booming and in 2014 alone recorded music generated almost 15 billion dollars, ("Global Recorded Music Sales Totalled US $15 billion in 2014.") and now, more than ever is the best time to capitalize on it. Due to the increased value of music and money that is being brought in from such artists as Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Kanye West music is becoming a money making game.There are many start up indie labels that are capitalizing on local music scenes all around the world. By doing this

  • Music : The Causes And Effects Of Modern Popular Music

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    Music of this generation has been thought to be worse than other generations. There is always the argument that music has gotten worse, and both sides have equally strong evidence. Modern popular music has gotten worse, and that has always been the case, however there are a plethora of other genres and styles of music that still carry that authenticity and creativeness that we’re missing. Most of the reason for lack of creativity in music is corporate greed. Large companies like to release less inspired

  • The Discourse Of Authenticity Within The Music Industry

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    The discourse of authenticity in mass music culture has consistently been a recurring topic; from the mid-1960s onwards, the rise of rock n’ roll intensified a strong culture explicitly concerned with the authenticity of musical artists.1 Remaining increasingly valued, a certain popular music approach emerged, privileging anti-commercial, direct relationships between the autonomous act and its audience 2 over manufactured, commoditized acts mediated before cultural consumption. The conflict between