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  • Chief Warrant Officer

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    I do not believe that Command Chief Warrant Officers (CCWO) are appropriate at both the Battalion and Company levels within Special Forces. One only has to look at the history of the Special Forces Warrant Officer to understand why the CCWO at the Battalion and Company is an improper use of the 180A cohort. The 180A serves as the assistant detachment commander and the detachment commander in absence of an 18A. This responsibility was originally thought to be appropriate for a lieutenant, however

  • Special Forces Warrant Officer

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    toll on the regiment from combat injuries to the loss of institutional knowledge. In regards to the Special Forces Warrant Officer, a loss of knowledge or to be more specific the lack of time to expand our knowledge base presents an issue. Within the definition of a Special Forces Warrant Officer it is stated: Special Forces (SF) warrant officers are combat leaders and staff officers. They are experienced subject matter experts in unconventional warfare, operations and intelligence fusion, and planning

  • Warrant Officer (SGT Mcmenamin)

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    It is my pleasure to recognize SGT McMenamin to be accepted as a Warrant Officer. SGT McMenamin has clearly demonstrated that he possesses the traits to become an outstanding Army Warrant Officer. Over the time that I have been in command, SGT McMenamin has successfully completed numerous support missions within the Squadron. These missions consisted of supporting the troops in the Squadron at garrison environments such as ranges and Live Fire Exercises (LFX). But the missions went as far as to

  • Justification Memo Of A Warrant Officer

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    As a Human Resource Technician in the Texas Army National Guard, I will have to effectively communicate my thoughts and ideas through writing. As a Warrant Officer, I will commonly have to write a memorandum of justification. Justification memorandums are required for various reasons and prove to be a useful tool to help the command and senior leadership make an informed decision. When writing a justification memo I must clearly state my request upfront, so the approval authority can quickly identify

  • Chief Warrant Officer Four Quiles

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    Chief Warrant Officer Four Quiles has led a distinguished career, culminating in his assignment as Production Manager for the 2500th Military Intelligence Group. CW4 Quiles served in a broad array of Military Intelligence positions throughout his 27 year career. CW4 Quiles has constantly displayed professional leadership, intellect and devotion to Soldiers in executing superb military intelligence operations and training throughout his career. From June 2012 to April 2017, he served as

  • Current Chief Warrant Officer ( Cwo ) Eligibility Requirements

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    1. Current Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) eligibility requirements allow E-6 applicants to compete for CWO. The eligibility requirements not only allow for the eligibility of an E-6, but loose standards for E-7, E-8, and E-9 exist as well. This allows for a nonstandard means of leadership opportunities and unequal qualification standards. Therefore, CWO requirements need to be changed. 2. IAW ref (a), E-6 applicants that placed in the top 50% of their perspective E-7 Service Wide Exam (SWE) and have

  • Warrant Officer Essay

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    goals. As a “street to seat” guy I do not have prior leadership experience as an NCO, but as I have progressed as a Warrant Officer I have learned a great deal about leadership. For this discussion post I will discuss two topics: what I’ve learned about being a leader as a Warrant Officer, and how decentralized leadership is utilized in my unit. We as Warrant Officers have acquired both positive and negative generalizations such as being laid back, but also lazy. Our roles as leaders

  • Chief Warrant Officer Three Teddy Vanzant Summary

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    Chief Warrant Officer Three Teddy Vanzant is an extraordinary instructor whose technical abilities and extensive combat systems experience make him uniquely suited to train United States Army, Ordnance Warrant Officers. Teddy has spent the last 13 months completely redesigning the Programs of Instruction for the M1A2SEPv2, Abrams Main Battle Tank and the M3, Bradley Fighting Vehicle. He provided sound guidance and assistance to the CASCOM, Training Development during the validation of not only these

  • Characteristics Of A Chief Warrant Officer

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    selection under the Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) program. Chief Petty Officer CuretSanchez is fully qualified in all aspects for a commission in the Aviation Maintenance (733X) CWO program. He meets the physical fitness standards of OPNAVINST 6110.1J, is worldwide assignable, and fully qualified for a commission. All required documents have been checked for completeness and accuracy and are attached as enclosures. Chief Petty Officer CuretSanchez has been recommended for officer programs since he was

  • A Career As A Senior Warrant Officer

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    Senior Warrant Officer in the United States Army as it relates to the study of Military History. From the strategic level of thinking that is being explored and developed through these courses, we must be able to speak on a different level. The ability to apply a historical reference to a conversation is very important in the complex environment we operate in today. Furthermore, beyond a simple conversation, knowledge of history can be applied in daily activities. As a Senior Warrant Officer we will