Washington Heights, Manhattan

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  • History Of Subway Graffiti Art Essay

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    to New York City where the teenagers would write graffiti on the subways. It is unclear whether this concept made way to New York City on purpose or if it was an accident. Shortly after the CORNBREAD and COOL EARL effort, the Washington Heights section of Manhattan was giving birth to new writers. In 1971 The New York Times published an article on one of

  • Essay about Graffiti Artists: Silent Writers

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    their names, gaining popularity among the community and local press. It’s uncertain whether this concept traveled to New York City intentionally or if it simply was a spontaneous occurrence, but shortly after “Cornbread” within the Washington Heights section of Manhattan graffiti enthusiasts emerged on the scene (Reichert).

  • How Gentrification Can Be A Scary Thing When One 's Neighborhood

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    start to overthink about how these changes will affect them. Well, if you are like most Dominicans living rent stabilized in Washington Heights, you have nothing to worry about for maybe about the next few years. So one can still go out and enjoy the few Starbucks franchises there are and try out the new Thai place that just opened. Little is known of the northern end of Manhattan, as on a map it appears as more parkland than actual land. On a subway map, it only shows three running lines the A, C, and

  • Washington Height 's ( Wh )

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    The name Washington Height’s (WH) was adopted in the 1870s and came from Fort Washington which was named after George Washington. The fort was situated at the Hudson river which is today referred to as 185th street and was constructed as a fortification during the American Revolutionary War by the army troops to defend the area from the British army (Fernandez, 2007). The first ever recorded home to be built in this place was in 1856 by Moorewood who later sold the property to Richard Carmen in

  • Washington Heights Is Culturally Rich Between The Sound Of Music, Amazing And A Friendly Environment

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    When people mention Washington heights, it goes hand-in hand with a Dominican community. A community predominantly filled with Dominican residents from either their respective country or second generation Dominican-American family. Washington Heights is culturally rich between the sound of music, amazing and a friendly environment. Many Latino artists focus mainly in Washington heights area to expand their recognition/fame in order to be musically accepted. This is a stepping stone for many artists

  • Golden Era Of Graffiti

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    Graffiti is writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place. (Oxford Dictionary). George C. Stowers, a student at the University of Miami, stated that “the origins of graffiti go back to the beginnings of human… Graffiti has been found on uncovered, ancient, Egyptian monuments, and graffiti even was preserved on walls in Pompeii”. (Stowers 1). Graffiti has been regarded as sub-culture, mainstream culture and consumer culture. I partly agree

  • Washington Heights: Neighborhood Analysis

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    Washington Heights is a unique and ever changing neighborhood at the mezzo-level, but affects the macro and micro. It located in upper Manhattan that is north of Harlem and south of Inwood. Begins on 115th street, it is typically thought to end around Hillside Avenue. This neighborhood has the Hudson River on the west and the Harlem River to the east. New York City’s Community Planning has designated Washington Heights and Inwood as Manhattan Community District 12. These two communities are similar

  • Washington Heights: Community Analysis

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    I live in Washington Heights, specifically between Broadway, Inwood, and Dyckman. According to myinwood.net, Reckgawawang and Lenape natives used to live in what is now known as Inwood Hill Park until Peter Minuit, Director of Dutch Colonies, purchased “the island of Manhattan from the Lenape [in the 1620s] for a handful of trinkets. Today a bronze plaque affixed to a large rock marks the sight of transaction.” From the early 1900s to 1960s, there was a large amount immigrants from several different

  • George Washington's Influence On American History

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    significance within American history. The Morris-Jumel Mansion or Mount Morris is a historical site that fits this description, it is located on 65 Jumel Terrace at 160th St in Manhattan, New York City and one of these oldest house in the borough of Manhattan. It is also a major surviving landmark of the Battle of Harlem Heights.

  • Manhattan Vs Starbucks Research Paper

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    Queens and Manhattan are two of the New York City boroughs. The two boroughs have many similarities; both Queens and Manhattan have famous colleges, share similar climate and mode of transportation. Though it is only a 25-minute subway ride from Queens to Manhattan, the two boroughs have many differences, such as the commerce prosperity and social strata. Both Queens and Manhattan are located southern part of New York. Manhattan is on the island between the Hudson River and the East River. Most of