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    The Washington Monument The most stunning monument in our capital is the Washington Monument. At 555 feet high, it is the tallest such monument in the world. It is an obelisk by shape, yet not a true obelisk because it is not carved out of a single stone. The monument was built at intervals between 1848 and 1885. It memorializes George Washington's achievements and his devotion to principles and to his country. The Washington Monument has an interesting history. The idea of a monument celebrating

  • The Washington Monument Analysis

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    Is a good monument or memorial all about looks, or is it about the contextual meaning behind it. A monument’s size, location, materials and more are all considerations when planning and creating a memorial to the past. The audience of a monument/memorial site is not as important as it’s location and funding. The location of a monument is an important factor that should be considered when building the monument. Maya Lin, designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., said that “The

  • The Statue Of Liberty, The Washington Monument

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    Monuments preserve a memory that serves as a reminder of a significant event or person. The Statue of Liberty, the Washington Monument, Bunker Hill Monument— these structures honor and immortalize remarkable occurrences in history, people, or concepts; and when it is time to construct a monument, many aspects of the established memorial need to be planned. Factors a group or agency should consider when memorializing an event or person and in creating a monument is the location, which should be in

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    The Washington Monument The Washington Monument, a memorial structure designed and constructed in the nineteenth century, signifies an important tribute to the prestigious role and achievements of our nation’s founding father. Ideas for such a monument first arose in 1783, by which time “the fame George Washington, Commanding General and first President of the United States, was assured in the pantheon of statesmen of the world” (1). It was during this year that the Continental

  • Washington Monuments History

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    victory in their Revolution, there were many proposals to build a monument to Washington. After his death, Congress authorized a suitable memorial in the national capital, but the decision was reversed when the Republicans took control of Congress in 1801. The Republicans were dismayed that Washington had become the symbol of the Federalist Party; furthermore, the values of Republicanism seemed hostile to the idea of building monuments to powerful men.[200] Further political squabbling, along with the

  • The Importance Of The Washington Monument

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    The Washington Monument is one of the most important monuments because it’s a monument for our first president, George Washington! I remember learning about George Washington in history class and something that stuck with me was that he said not to split into two political parties. Unfortunately, we did not listen and here we are voting every 4 or 8 years for a new president! I remember visiting the Washington Monument with my family when I was younger and I was amazing to see that the monument was

  • Why Did George Washington Deserve A New Monument?

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    five Presidents, Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Monroe and Jackson all helped make our country the way it is today. One of the most influential President out of these five is, George Washington. One reason why Washington deserves a new monument is because, he was the first president. Being the first isn’t always easy, but Washington made it look easy. Having the role of the first president comes with great responsibility, and ability to take force. Furthermore, Washington faced a tough problem

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    History of the Washington Monument The Washington Monument has a history that is more complex than one may think. This monument is a timeless testament that stands in no one’s shadow, much like the first president it commemorates. The Egyptian like structure is still very prevalent in today’s society with an unique history and many controversial events. The Washington Monument was originally meant to be placed to the South of the White House, and the West of the Capitol Building. However, the

  • Washington Monument: Case Study

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    Can I go inside the Washington Monument? Yes, but the number of people allowed per day is limited. Plan Your Visit to learn how to obtain tickets. How do I get tickets to go inside the Washington Monument? Plan Your Visit to learn how to obtain tickets. What is inside the Washington Monument? Inside the ground floor lobby, there is a statue of George Washington. An elevator provides transportation to the top floor, the 500' observation deck at the base of the pyramidion. The observation deck provides

  • Short Story : The Story Of The World '

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    "Okay, so because Dak has the power to transform shapes of things and people, he has made each of us a tent in a part of Washington only we know about. We're going to have to stay here and plan until we stop Cassius because this is the most vulnerable part of the nation: the country's capital," Violet explained as she lead me to my tent. I noticed once we got past the trees and rocks and into the hiding place that the tents were divided by color. The five on the left were green, the five on the