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  • Descriptive Writing About Water Park

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    “The Water Park” “Morgan, Morgan where are you?” I shouted loudly. That was me in fear not knowing where my best friend was, this is because I go on trips with my best friend every year to different states. Somehow she got lost this time, so I will tell you about the one of weirdest experiences I have ever had with her. Just a reminder for myself is to keep an eye on the people you came with. My best friend Morgan and I have been best friends since baby care. We have been through thick and

  • Persuasive Essay For The Holiday World

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    Holiday World is advertised to be number one for family fun. There are many choices for what you could do with your day. Whether you like amusement parks or not, there’s multiple things to keep you occupied at Holiday World; Water parks are the best way to consume your day while you’re playing in the sun. Splashin’ Safari is the best part about Holiday World. Not only do you get to swim, but you get to ride roller coasters while getting soaked and having an amusing time. The food variety is incredible

  • Kalahari Tragedy Research Paper

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    family were all going to this waterpark. My previous trip to Kalahari, I had rode every single ride except the single person toilet bowl and the boogie board surfing. I was very excited for the surfing ride but yet I didn’t know it would be one of the most embarrassing things to ever happen to me. All of our families had just finished eating breakfast and were going to get ready to go to the waterpark. I had told Austin that I would meet him in the waterpark by the

  • Descriptive Essay About Florida

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    Florida Last summer was a real blast! I went to Florida to visit my family for a week, and Malik came with me. I hadn’t seen my Florida family in so long, and my New York family came too. Meanwhile everyone was having fun and enjoying each other’s company, I was sad because it was going to be my last week with my main companion pup, since pre-k, Splinter. I loved every minute of Florida; I was praying the time there would never end. So finally we reach my grandma’s house after a nine hour car

  • Home Essay : My Dream Home

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    My Dream Home My dream house is very detailed. It would have to be very big. I want it to have many rooms, and a big kitchen. It would have a bowling alley, an indoor trampoline park, and an indoor water park. I would also want a movie theater. It would have to have a basketball court as well. I would have a bedroom the size of a house. There would also be a game room full of video games. There would be 4 floors. It would be located in Orlando, Florida. It would be next to the beach and near Disney

  • Descriptive Essay On Dells

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    are a Midwesterner, their water hose spraying commercial that plays on constant repeat popped into your mind. The catchphrase, the Waterpark Capital of the World, is the normal conception of a summer vacation in the Dells. Water parks, ski shows, shopping, and food complete a clear picture. But when you step out of the normal routine of going to waterpark after waterpark and shop after shop, you get to experience the magical wonders the environment can present to us. Almost every year my family stands

  • Short Story : The Skyscraper In Flames

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    to the waterpark!" screamed Will. He and his brothers, Clay and Mark, were visiting their cousins in New York. He was trying to convince his older brother, Clay, to take him, Mark, and his cousins, David and Maria to the new waterpark, Water Falls. Finally, 14-year-old Clay gave in. As they were walking towards the waterpark, they passed two girls who were identical twins, headed to the amazing new waterpark also. They entered the waterpark. But within a half hour, the waterpark closed

  • Water Is Essential For Everything

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    Water is essential for everything. Water is what makes earth the only planet capable of sustaining life. Any civilization on earth needs a certain amount of water to sustain life. That is why drought is such a major concern. Drought and climate change have become well-known topics, especially in recent years. Water conservation and consumption are extremely important topics when discussing drought. Even more important is water consumption in the drought ridden states of southwestern United States

  • The Importance Of Wisconsin Dells

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    Wisconsin Dells is a super fun place to go to, it’s practically a city full of big waterparks, scary roller coasters, and great restaurants. At night it’s looks so beautiful with very bright and colorful lights from the really big and tall rides and the blinding lights of all the cars passing by as people walk. It can be the most relaxing place to be in if you decide to just float in the bubbling jacuzzi outside, having a couple margarita drinks and listening to 90s radio station in the dark and

  • Turks And Caicos Research Paper

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    The sun shining high above, strands of hair blowing in the wind, along with the smell of the salty sea lingering in the air. Prepare yourself to dive into the Beaches of Turks and Caicos, an all-inclusive family resort. As the palm trees sway in the wind, you can enjoy the white sandy beaches, a variety of activities such as the Pirate Island water park, and a roaring nightlife. The islands of Turks and Caicos have white sandy beaches along with crystal clear turquoise water. The Beaches resort is