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  • What Is My Experience At Carroll University Essay

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    Experience at Carroll University Coming to Carroll has been one of the most challenging things I have ever done, other than the fact that the Milwaukee and Waukesha area is one of the most segregated areas in the United States, there are plenty of other factors that have made this my most demanding endeavor. But Regardless of the countless awkward moments and borderline racist encounters, I am proud to say I have finally begun to understand the American culture. Let’s get started with a quick intro

  • The Importance Of Water In Waukesha

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    In the county of Waukesha lies a small city of the same name where there have been several issues with water. These issues, tainted / polluted groundwater, have led to the city’s need of Great Lakes water, specifically from Lake Michigan. This seems like an easy fix, however the Waukesha County and Wisconsin government is still a bit weary to allow all of Waukesha Lake Michigan water. Waukesha citizens see this issue as being “but a drop from the gigantic Great Lakes bucket.” There are several

  • Waukesha WI Case Study

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    Dentist in Waukesha WI diagnose and treat issues dealing with oral health. Dentists provide instructions to patients for their oral health. The dentist themselves will provide preventative care for patients during their routine checkup. They will also screen for diseases such as oral cancer and gum disease during your checkup. You should visit your Dentist in Waukesha WI at least twice a year. During each checkup, your dentist will screen your oral health for multiple things. They will check to

  • Personal Narrative: Waukesha National Theater

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    "I’m so nervous,” I complained to my mom as we walked into the Waukesha Civic Theatre. “What if I’m not good enough. I haven’t even prepared that much!” It was a crisp September day and some leaves had already started changing color. On the way home from school my mom told me about a play that the theater puts on near us every year and thought I would be good for it. Since I had only heard about the audition that day, it gave me a few hours to pick my song and be prepared for whatever part they wanted

  • Artifact Club Case Study

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    best decisions I made my junior year was joining Interact Club. Around Christmas time, everyone in Interact fundraises money by selling candy bars. This money goes to the Christmas clearing Council to help buy Christmas gifts for families in need at Waukesha North. We actually got to go shopping before Christmas and pick out the gifts for the families with the money we raised. This was very humbling for me because they didn't ask for much. All they really wanted was a pair of socks and a t-shirt. Nothing

  • Dental Hygienist Marketing Strategy

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    and Milwaukee Area Technical College’s dental hygiene programs. If the lists are obtained a direct mailing campaign could be developed as flyers highlighting the major components of the program. The focus of the mailing will be to the surrounding Waukesha county areas to prevent making the mistake of receiving a low response rate from mis-targeted mailings (Donsky & Marsello, 2009, p. 13). One major favorable marketing component of the program is its capacity to fulfill

  • Changing The Face Of Mental Health

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    difficult obstacles it faced because he was assassinated a short three weeks after its signing. Although Kennedy’s bill changed the mental health industry significantly, only half of the community treatment centers were built due to funding issues. Waukesha County opened the doors to its mental health center in 1989 taking in the people with mental health issues and unruly behavior. To get a better

  • Ecology Club

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    Club and I was the president of this club. I have enjoyed watching the Ecology grow in members and volunteers. This team helps garden the school, bring environmental awareness to others. The club, additionally, has taken care of the landscaping of Waukesha North, started a school recycling program, and created a raised bed butterfly and vegetable garden. During the summer, the vegetables are donated to students who need food or the food pantry. ○  Initiated a school recycling program by creating

  • Analysis Of The Devil In The White City

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    The United States of America is characterized in many different ways. Some people may say it is a land of opportunity and success, while others would argue that it is a place of regret. In The Devil in the White City, by Erik Larson, the United States is described as a mixture of good and evil. Larson accomplishes this reflection of America by telling a story which follows two different men with opposing motives. The first is Burnham, the architect in charge of building the World’s Fair. He

  • Alcohol Abuse Case Study

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    healthy and safe choices that support academic and personal success (R. Keehn, personal communication, February 24th, 2016). Having an awareness and prevention program like AODE can make a positive impact on students. At the University of Wisconsin-Waukesha it is required once per year that a guest speaker will come and talk to the students regarding the topic of alcohol abuse as well as sexual assault (R. Keehn, personal communication, February 24th, 2016). Administrators and health professional need