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  • Modern Transformers And Electric Power Systems

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    Large power modern transformers are vital components and very expensive in electric power systems. Forthwith, it is very important to reduce the duration and frequency of unwanted outages that results in a high demand imposed on power transformer protection relays, this includes the requirements of dependability related with no mal-operations, operating speed related with short fault clearing time to avoid extensive damage or to preserve power quality and power system stability and security related

  • Image Processing Essay

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    4.1 INTRODUCTION In image processing, noise reduction and restoration of image is expected to enhance the qualitative inspection of an image and the performance criteria of quantitative image analysis methods Digital image is inclined to a variety of noise which attribute the quality of image. The main purpose of de-noising the image is to reinstate the detail of original image as much as possible. The criteria of the noise removal problem depends on the noise type by which the image is contaminated

  • Techniques Used For The Real Time Applications Is On The Face Recognition Through Different Illumination

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    normalization • Illumination modeling • Illumination invariant feature extraction. 2.1 Illumination normalization: Primary category refers to the normalized face images under illumination variation. The typical algorithms for this category are Wavelet, Steerable filtering, Non-local Means based also adop-tive Non-local means. 2.1.1Wavelet-based (WA) Du and Ward

  • Steganography Is The Most Effective And Fastest Media For Communication

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    In this modern era, the computer and internet have becomes the most effective and fastest media for communication that connect different parts of the global world. As a result, people can easily exchange information and share information with the others via the internet. However, the information security requires the confidential data that needs to be protected from the unauthorized users. Steganography is one of the methods used for the secure transmission of confidential information. It can provide

  • The Human Visual System ( Hvs ) For More Secure And Effective Data Hiding

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    exploits the characteristics of the Human Visual System (HVS) for more secure and effective data hiding, wavelet based watermarking techniques shows to be immune to attacks, adding the quality of robustness to protect the hidden message of third party modifications. In this paper, we introduced non blind with DWT & SVD . Also we applies a casting operation of a binary message onto the wavelet coefficients of colored images decomposed at multilevel resolution. 1.Introduction There has been an

  • The Digital Of Digital Image

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    There has been an explosive growth in use of internet and World Wide Web and also in multimedia technology and it’s applications recently. This has facilitated the distribution of the digital contents over the internet. Digital multimedia works (video, audio and images) become available for retransmission, reproduction, and publishing over the Internet. A large amount of digital data is duplicated and distributed without the owner’s consent. This arises a real need for protection against unauthorized

  • Steganography Analysis : Steganography And Steganography

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    1.1 Steganography and its introduction Steganography comes from the Greek word “Steganographia” (στεγανό-ς, γραφ-ειν) which means “covered writing”. It is the art and science of concealing a secret information within a cover media preventing unauthorized people to know that something is hidden in it, so that the message can only be detected by its intended recipient. Cryptography and Steganography are ways of secure data transfer over the Internet 1.1.1 Cryptography and Steganography Cryptography

  • The Image Coder Block Diagram And Their Respective Graphical Representation

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    block diagram and their block functionalities. This report also deals with wavelet based approximation with the definition of terminologies dealing with distortions such as MSE, PSNR. This report also deals with assignment tasks to be implemented in MATLAB to determine the quality of image and the best imaging filter type and number of decomposition and their respective graphical representation. II. INTRODUCTION The wavelet based image coder would generally begin with the process of transformation

  • Electronic Identification Based On The Identity Of Human Beings And Reducing Forgeries

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    Signatures continue to be an important biometric for authenticating the identity of human beings and reducing forgeries. The major challenging aspect of automated signature identification and verification has been, for a long time, a true motivation for researchers. Research into signature verification has been vigorously pursued for a number of years and is still being explored, especially in the offline mode. In this paper, we have discussed a brief overview of offline signature verification techniques

  • Image Compression Using Hybrid Svd Wdr And Svd Aswdr

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    Punjab Technical University Jalandhar, India deepinderkaur.bhullar@gmail.com Abstract---In this paper new image compression techniques are presented by using existing techniques such as Singular value decomposition, wavelet difference reduction (WDR) and Adaptive wavelet difference reduction (ASWDR). The SVD has been taken as a standard technique to hybrid with WDR and ASWDR. Firstly SVD is combined with WDR (SVD-WDR) and after that it is combined with its advance version that is ASWDR (SVD-ASWDR)