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  • Essay On Plasma Collisionality

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    stellarator TJ-K, as well as with Hasegawa-Wakatani simulations. The intermittency level was determined in experiments using two methods. First, the scale separated kurtosis analysis consisted of applying a wavelet transform to density and potential time series and calculating the kurtosis of the wavelet coefficients at a chosen frequency scale, (-- removed HTML --) (-- removed HTML --) 30 (-- removed HTML --) (-- removed HTML --) similar to the method of calculating the kurtosis of a high-pass filtered

  • Essay On Image Annotation

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    CHAPTER 4 ALGORITHM & IMPLEMENTATION 4.1 Implementation Here we introduce effective data hiding for image annotation, High fidelity is a demanding requirement for data hiding for images with artistic or medical value. This correspondence proposes image watermarking for annotation with robustness to moderate distortion. To achieve the high fidelity of the embedded image, the model is built by mixing the outputs from entropy and a differential localized standard deviation filter. The mixture

  • Taking a Look at Audio Compression

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    information in the signal during compression. Wavelet transformation method produces better lossless compression than other methods. The proposed method uses Haar wavelet and the algorithm used for lossless compression and noise reduction are: MLT-PSPIHT ( Modulated Lapped Transform-Perceptual Set Partitioning In Hierarchical Trees) and HANC (Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling) algorithm. Keywords: Audio lossless compression, noise suppression, Haar wavelet, MLT-SPIHT algorithm, HANC algorithm. INTRODUCTION:

  • Image Analysis : Gagandeep Kaur And Anand Kumar Mittal

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    and Anand Kumar Mittal have proposed a new hybrid technique and comparison of results of two image using it. They also proposed comparison of new hybrid algorithm with older. Discrete cosine transform and variance combination with hybrid discrete wavelet transform. These techniques provides good results in terms of Pseudo signal to noise ratio and mean square error. [11] Kede ma et al. has worked on the untouched area of perceptual quality assessment as used for multi-solarization image fusion

  • Content-Based Image Retrieval Case Study

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    In this paper, we will be looking at different methods for comparative study of the state of the art image processing techniques stated below (K means clustering, wavelet transforms and DiVI approach) which consider attributes like color, shape and texture for image retrieval which helps us in solving the problem of managing image databases easier. Figure 1: Traditional Content-Based Image Retrieval System LITERATURE

  • India has always been known for its rich cultural diversity. There are tens of thousands of

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    India has always been known for its rich cultural diversity. There are tens of thousands of literature work written in different languages. These work are sometimes required to be converted into digital form for portability and convenience. Script Identification of Indian languages has always been a challenging task due to similarity that occur between the scripts. The challenge is even deepened when distinguishing a language which uses the same script. For example the Bangla script is used to write

  • Annotated Bibliography On Multimedia Security

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    investigated in the literature, but this chapter provides a detailed study of block cipher as applied to images, since JPEG2000 generates various subband sizes as blocks. In the first section, we briefly define various encryption components like wavelet transform, bit plane decomposition, XOR operation, artificial neural network, seed key generator and chaotic map functions, for interest of the reader. Later in section 2, we present literature review of various encryption techniques from two perspectives:

  • Using Kalman Filter Is Digital Signal Processing Based Filter

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    on similarities of all images, to remove noise from a video tracking sequence they given a low-rank matrix recovery phenomena. [11] 3. METHODOLOGY ADOPTED 3.1 Wavelength De-noising 3.2 Bilateral De-noising 3.1 WAVELENGTH DENOISING Basically a wavelet is small wave, which has its energy concentrated in time to give a tool for the analysis time varying phenomena. It is easier to remove noise from a contaminated 1D or 2D data using these algorithms to eliminate the small coefficient associated to

  • Secure Patients Data Transmission Using Xor Ciphering Encryption And Ecg Steganography

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    hospital servers . In this paper, a one new technique has been introduced which is the hybrid of encryption and wavelet-based ECG steganography technique . Encryption allows privacy and ECG steganography allows to hide one sensitive data into other insensitive host thus guaranteeing the integration between ECG and the rest. Keywords:-ECG ,encryption ,steganography, authentication,wavelet I .INTRODUCTION Population increase has increased number of patients that are

  • A Literature Study Of Robust Color Image Watermarking Algorithm

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    extracted with minimum error. In terms of PSNR, the visual quality of the watermarked image is exceptional. The proposed algorithm is robust to many image attacks and suitable for copyright protection applications. KEYWORDS: Watermarking, Discrete wavelet transform, Discrete Cosine Transform, PSNR, MSE. I. INTRODUCTION DIGITAL image watermarking has become a necessity in many applications such as data authentication, broadcast