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  • Feature Extraction Essay

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    used for remotely sensed imagery. In this proposed work, feature extraction is mainly divided into three steps, viz., Discrete Wavelet Transformation of Pixel Information, Principle Component Analysis using DWT coefficients, and then extraction of Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix derived statistical features. All the steps are discussed here in detail. DWT Discrete Wavelet Transform or DWT is technique comprising of important features like localization of space frequency and multi-resolution. There

  • Using Random Sequence Generated From Chaos System

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    part uses random sequences generated from chaos system with the help of an encryption key. This key is then used to encrypt media contents with a neural network structure. However, the apparent disadvantage in this scheme is that more sub-keys need to be transmitted to the receiver. In another research [45], the authors propose an image encryption/decryption algorithm based on chaotic neural network. The employed network comprises two layers each with three layers: chaotic neuron layer (CNL) and

  • Survey On Digital Image Watermarking Techniques

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    concentrates a detailed survey of all watermarking techniques on image watermarking types in today’s world. Index Terms – Digital watermarking, spatial domain, Least Significant Bit (LSB), Frequency domain, Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT), Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT), and Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT). INTRODUCTION The term digital watermarking was first emerged in 1993, Tirkel introduce two watermarking techniques to hide the watermark data in the images [1].In recent years digital media are

  • Optical And Analog Image Processing

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    In imaging science, image processing is processing of images using mathematical operations by using any conformation of signal processing for which the input is an image, such as a picture or video frame, the out turn of image processing may be either an image or a set of features or parameters corrsponding to the image.Most image-processing techniques implicate treating the image as a 2D signal and appealing worth signal-processing techniques to it. Image processing usually refers to digital image

  • Fingerprint Identification : A Reliable Method Of Automatic Identification

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    Iris recognition has become the most reliable method of automatic identification. The growing use of this biometric method is based on the visible complex structure of the iris. Traditional methods of automatic identification rely on special possessions such as cards and passports or secrets like passwords and PIN numbers. The disadvantage of these methods is that they can be separated from the person. Examples of biometrics include iris, retina, voice patterns, face recognition, fingerprints as

  • The Effects Of Neurodegenerative Diseases On Central Nervous System Essay

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    Abstract— Neurodegenerative diseases causes a wide variety of mental symptoms whose evolution is not directly related to the analysis made by radiologists on basis of images, who can hardly quantify systematic differences. This paper presents a new automatic (Based on software program) image analysis method that reveals different brain patterns associated to the presence of neurodegenerative diseases, finding systematic differences and therefore grading objectively any neurological disorder. An

  • The Pros And Cons Of Fuzzy Logic

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    As mentioned in the previous section of this chapter trend analysis, analyze just changes in the past years in electricity demand and utilize it to predict future electricity demand, but there is no process to explain why these changes happened. End users and behavior of end user are not important in this model. But in end use method of forecasting, statistical information related to customers along with amount of change act as the basis for the forecast. While in Economical methods, the results

  • A Review Of Adaptive Technique For Image Super Resolution

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    A Review of Adaptive Technique for Image Super-resolution Prof. S. P. Bhosale Assistant Professor , Department of electronics, A.I.S.S.M.S COE, Pune, India spbhosale@aisssmscoe.com ABSTRACT Increase in resolution of image has been one driving factor in the development and progress of the fields related to the capture, processing and display of digital images and video. Number of authors has carried out research on various techniques on super-resolution algorithms which are classified into

  • Content Based Image Compression Using Dct And Dwt Technique

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    COMPRESSION USING DCT AND DWT TECHNIQUE Abstract: Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) and Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) are the most known methods used in digital image compression. Wavelet transform has better efficiency compared to Fourier transform because it describe any type of signals both in time and frequency domain simultaneously. In this paper, we will discuss the use of Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) and Discrete wavelet transformation (DWT) based Image compression Algorithmand compare

  • Teaching-Learning Based Optimization Algorithm

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    Teaching−Learning-Based Optimization Algorithm TLBO is a recently proposed meta-heuristic that imitates a successful and dynamic educational strategy in a classroom [29-31]. Similar to most evolutionary algorithms, TLBO is a population-based algorithm. The population consists of some students and a teacher. The teacher is the most knowledgeable one in the population. The main advantage of this algorithm over other evolutionary algorithms is that TLBO has no adjustable parameters, so there is no