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  • Research Interests : Remote Sensing Image Recognition, And Machine Learning

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    of the connected component that forms the text line, respectively. Image and Video Compression: Video compression was the research area in my Master’s Thesis. I worked on developing a hybrid method that combines the existing MPEG-1 system and the Wavelet transform for more robust and highly compressed videos. Later, I worked in medical image coding using a Contourlet-based compression scheme. The algorithm was more efficient and had a higher compression ratio than the Discrete

  • Identifying Human Hair and Animal Fair by Laser Diffraction

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    1. Introduction: 1.1 Overview The ability to identify an animal by examining its fur is a useful one for taxonomists and biologists. The hair of prey is often not digested by a predator, and so can be found in the predators scat and measured to ascertain its diet (Anwar et al., 2011). An electron microscope can be used to obtain a lot of data from hair, including its width and the shape and texture of its surface, however electron microscopes are expensive and time consuming to operate (Sessions

  • Content Based And Model Based Mining Of Data On Image Processing

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    CONTENT BASED AND MODEL BASED MINING of DATA ON IMAGE PROCESSING Chandana V S Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering M.Tech- Information Technology NIE, Mysuru chandanavs05@gmail.com Uzma Madeeha Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering M.Tech- Information Technology NIE, Mysuru uzmamadeeha9@gmail.com Abstract— As there is vivid implementations in the multimedia technologies, users find it complex for retrieving information with traditional image retrieval techniques. The CBIR techniques

  • Face Recognition Of Java Environment

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    FACE RECOGNITION IN JAVA ENVIRONMENT ABSTRACT: In today’s world, face recognition has its application in many fields incorporating:Automotive sector, image enhancing, robotics, gaming & manufacturing. It is an exciting field with hurdles. Such as limited hardware, poor visualisation or quality & connectivity. This paper demonstrates a face recognition system in JAVA environment. The aim is to have high recognition rate. Key words:Face recognition, Open CV, JAVA environment. I. Introduction:Image

  • Mi Brain Design Techniques

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    3. Proposed Technique Intuitively, if we can precisely locate the tumor region in the MRI image and recognize the corresponding shape as well, then we will obtain a high-performance algorithm, also if we can take only a few features from this region, then we will obtain an algorithm with a low complexity compared with the previous algorithms. This section describes an overview of all fundamental processes in our brain diseases classification system. These processes are generally referred to as image

  • Methods Of Image Compressions

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    ce this method depends on the centre mass of the object, the generated images have different sizes [5], for this reason a scaled normalization operation are applied to overcome this problem which maintain image dimensions and the time as well [5], where each block of the four blocks are scaling with a factor that is different from other block’s factors. Two methods are used for extraction the features; firstly by using the edge mages, and secondly by using normalized features where only the brightness

  • Analyzing The Consumers Generating Inter Harmonic Frequencies

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    Alexander B. Nassif and Jing Yong [7] have proposed a method to identify the consumers generating inter harmonic frequencies. The inter-harmonics can be measured by means of Impedance based approach applied at the metering point. The main idea is that, the inter-harmonic impedance of the system is much smaller than that of an inter-harmonic generating load. This method can identify the source of each inter-harmonic component without having to rely solely on the active power measurement and requires

  • Pest Analysis

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    The authors have proposed wavelet based image processing technique and neural network to develop a method of online identification of pest damage in fruit in orchards [11]. Three pests that are predominant in orchards were selected as the parameter for the research: the leaf-roller, codling moth, and apple leaf curling midge. Fast wavelet transform with distinct set of Doubenchies wavelet was used to extract the significant features. To get better the related images, the search is done in two stages

  • Annotated Bibliography On Video Surveillance

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    ABSTRACT The importance of Video Surveillance is increasing significantly everyday as organizations seek to safe guard their physical, information and capital assets. With the same vigour, the necessity to observe large number of people on roads, tourist spots, traffic lights, etc. is increasing to seek and pull more and more useful information. These demands calls for Smart Video Surveillance, analogous to traditional analog human-force-consuming approaches. This report is focussed to study such

  • The Shot Boundary And Classification Of Digital Video Essay

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    Shot boundary and classification of digital video is most important step for effective management and retrieval of video data. Shot transitions include abrupt changes and gradual changes. Recent automated techniques for detecting transitions between shots are highly effective on abrupt transitions. But finding gradual transition is major challenge in the presence of camera and object motion. In this paper, different shot boundary detection technique has studied. The main focused on to differentiated