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  • Hopping Motion With SEMG Patterns Lab Analysis

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    ground. To estimate the covariation of joint angles with extracted synergies is a rough task and may cause computational burden. The second one is about building a model for generating velocity-adapted jumping gait with muscle synergies, in which wavelets neural network is proposed to predict the reference gait pattern, while fuzzy inference system is adopted to merge these reference gaits in order to create more generalized gaits with different jumping rhythm. Taking the muscle activation coefficients

  • Digital Images Requires Improved Methods For Sorting, Browsing And Searching Through Ever Growing Image Database

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    Abstract: Ongoing expansion of digital images requires improved methods for sorting, browsing and searching through ever-growing image databases. CBIR systems are search engines for image databases, which index images according to their content. This paper presents the systematic review for CBIR systems specific to the feature extraction techniques and compares the performance and features along with limitations. Keywords: CBIR System, Image Feature Extraction, Similarity Measurement I. Introduction

  • Types of Image Compression for Medical Imaging Essay

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    Medical imaging, as we all know, is the process of taking images of various parts of the human body for diagnostic and surgical purposes. Some of the popular medical imaging modalities are X-ray radiography, Magnetic resonance imaging, Medical ultrasound, Computed tomography etc. Since, these images contain clinical data of extreme importance for treatment follow-ups and are acquired at cost of radiation exposure, infrastructure, money and time involved. Thus, once acquired, the medical imaging data

  • Steganalysis And Steganography

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    Abstract—Steganalysis and steganography are two term used for security purpose for embedding and extracting information in media files in imperceptible way. Steganography is the art of secret communication and steganalysis is the art of detecting the hidden messages embedded in digital media using steganography. Many powerful and robust methods of steganography and steganalysis have been introduced in the literature. In this paper, we will discuss various steganalysis techniques used recently for

  • A Brief Note On Pedestrian Detection Of Surveillance

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    Pedestrian Detection in Surveillance Abstract Pedestrian detection is fragmented as there are numerous algorithms used in different research. This research aims to provide an overview to understand the current state of pedestrian detection as well as analyse the challenges, effectiveness, accuracy and cost benefit of different approaches used in surveillance and how current challenges are being tackled. Introduction Pedestrian detection is a key problem in computer vision. There are a number

  • The Growth Of Internet Coupled With The Rise Of Multimedia Piracy

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    Abstract. The growth of internet coupled with the rise in networked infrastructure has resulted in exponential increase in the multimedia content being shared over the communication networks. The advancement in technology has resulted in increase in multimedia piracy. This is due to the fact that it is very easy to copy, duplicate and distributes multimedia content using current day technology. In such a scenario Digital Rights Management is one of the prominent issues to be dealt with and tremendous

  • Creating A Low Cost Vasculature Functionality Sensor Through Finger And Wrist

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    Analyzing seemingly random data or patterns in chaos will allow you to predict the future TAOS reveals that patterns=‘health variability’ and predict the future for the mind and body Providing solutions for industrial field using chaos analysis Create a healthy and bright future with chaos prediction technologies Disease Prognosis We apply chaos theory into disease prognosis. By recording minor symptoms (changes) and diagnosing health problems at an early stage, we are able to build a secure and

  • Blood Count Literature Review

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    REVIEW ON IMAGE PROCESSING USED IN HAEMOTOLOGY Abstract- In medical analysis blood cell count plays vital role. Variations in the count of blood cells cause many diseases in the human body. For overall health assessment and diagnosis of many disorders complete blood count is required. Abnormal increase or decrease in cell count indicates that person has indispensable medical condition. The Complete Blood Count (CBC) is a blood test, extensively used to check various disorders such as infections,

  • Electrocardiogram Research Paper

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    In wearable ECG sensors design, QRS detection is one of the most important parts. Current QRS detection systems could be mainly divided into two categories: one needs additional computation help usually via DSPs or CPUs, like wavelet transforms [7], or artificial neural networks [8], these algorithms with complicated computation can obtain very precise detection results, but they are uneasy to be implemented in wearable devices because of the power consumption. Another type of

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Spectrum Sensing

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    Abstract The constrained available spectrum and the incompetence in the spectrum utilization and administration require another correspondence innovation and communication technology.. Spectrum sensing is used to detect the (unlicensed) the unused (licensed) frequency bands. Spectrum sensing includes locating the usage of spectrum and their features across different dimensions such as code frequency ,time and space. The key features of CR system is that it senses the electromagnetic environment