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  • Some Ways That The Crime Scene Technicians Can Prevent Loss Of The Evidence Due To Rain Case Study

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    1. What are some ways that the crime scene technicians can prevent loss of the evidence due to rain? There are several ways for the crime scene techs to prevent loss of evidence due to the rain. One method is a tarp, plastic sheeting or tent placed over the evidence completely covering the area and place some form of dam around the edges of the evidence in order to keep water from flowing into the area. Another way would be to photograph the item in place and then bagging the object. 2. Do you need

  • Crime Prevention And Reduction Workshop Report

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    Coursework LC553 Crime Prevention and Reduction Workshop Report: Contents Page…. Introduction…. Recommendations… Main Body…. Conclusion… Introduction: This research report will discuss and analyse the different methods used to manage, prevent, manage and control the increase of drug offences. Drug offences are any illegal substance which could harm the body. The Misuse of drugs Act 1971 came into place to prevent the non-medical use of certain drugs. Drugs are divided into 3 classes A B and C

  • Video Surveillance : Stopping Crime Essay

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    Surveillance: Stopping Crime The city of Northampton, England is no stranger to stopping crimes by video surveillance. Northampton was one of the earliest in England to install video surveillance after the bombing attacks by the IRA in the 1990’s. After the installment of the video surveillance system seventeen arrests were made in the first month and have successfully solved 85% of crimes in the city. This system benefited Northampton because it led to arrests and drastically lowered the crime rate 57% (Greer

  • Death Penalty Impact On Society

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    committed an insane crime of murder is sentenced to death by the state, as a demonstration of punishment for what the accuser has committed. Since long before, people have been using this method not only to show the consequences of committing an insane crime, but also as a kind of notice to anyone who had the intentions of committing such crimes. With no doubt, the death penalty has been a part of combating human crime in society for many centuries, and is considered a necessary way to eradicate dangerous

  • Minority Report : The Criminal Justice System

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    the Criminal Justice System, and the way crime is handled is different from the way our criminal justice system is structured and runs. In the film “Minority Report” the year that is taken place in 2045. This means that their technology in their year is more advanced comparing to our current technology which would interfere with our criminal justice system being slow. Starting from the beginning of this film what is shown is how the pre-crime team prevents crime from happening through their advanced

  • Speech On Poverty

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    help the poor because that way, we will prevent wasted lives, increase the world's income, and prevent crime. Some people may believe that helping the poor erodes their work ethic and creates unhealthy dependency. However, this claim is invalid for several reasons. Certain forms of help are beneficial to unfortunate people. Instead of always giving them money or food, the best way to support them is by offering impoverished opportunities to work in different areas. This way, the unfortunate will be

  • The Holocaust, Or The Holocaust

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    lot of examples of Crimes Against Humanity, such as “The Holocaust”, or the ukraine famine, and many other examples. A Crime Against Humanity is usually a genocide, a mass killing, and are usually for a reason, such as “The Holocaust”, Hitler wanted to rid the world, or at least Germany, of the Jews. There are many genocides happening today, such as ISIS taking over cities and executing hundreds of people every week. Many people have different idea’s on how to end these Crimes, or Genocides, and

  • Compare And Contrast Situational And Social Approaches To Crime Prevention

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    and social approaches to crime prevention are both proactive where they anticipate and prevent crime but are different in the way on how crime is prevented, each having their own strength and weaknesses. In this essay, I will briefly talk about what is crime prevention and how situational and social approaches are derived, followed by providing a critical comparison of situational and social approaches by first explaining what is situational and social approaches to crime prevention, the differences

  • The Pros And Cons Of Gun Violence

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    Another policy that could be put in place to help prevent spree killings are gun violence restraining orders. These would help with public offenses, but mainly private offenses and since private offenses are more common, it would hopefully lower a number of offenses. Gun violence restraining orders prohibit a person from buying or possessing a gun for a specified amount of time. This is an emergency legal step for potential victims and concerned family members. If they believe that someone who is

  • Persuasive Essay On Racial Profiling

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    address and prevent crimes. This method practiced by the police department with the premise of stopping crime appears as a controversial matter by the mass public. While the police may claim racial profiling deters crime, stopping innocent bystanders based on race does not attribute in the cause of combating crime, therefore racial profiling should not be an indefinite tool for police departments. Racial profiling has no role in many of the police departments to prevent and stop crimes. Racial profiling