Weather hazards

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  • Freezing Rain As An Ice Storm

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    According to the National Weather Service, “An ice storm is used to describe occasions when damaging accumulations of ice are expected during freezing rain situations”. Freezing rain occurs when the air is warm high up above the surface and colder close to the surface. “These storms typically develop during the winter in a belt on the north side of a stationary or warm front. In this setting, a combination of three conditions leads to freezing rain: (1) an ample source of moisture in the warm air

  • Health and Social Care Btec

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    M2: Assess the hazards identified in the health or social care setting. D1: Make recommendations in relation to identified hazards to minimise the risks to the service user group. A risk assessment is used to assess the hazards and risks that can cause harm to individuals in an environment. I did my risk assessment for my placement which is a day nursery setting called Quince Tree. Many parents and their children visit this health and social care setting daily and a risk assessment was needed to

  • The Problem Of The Medical Marijuana Industry

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    Just as any other manufacturer of a food product, edibles manufacturers face many hazard risks in the operation of their business (Frosch, 2014). Hazard risks are one of the four classifications of risks, which also include operational risks, financial risks and strategic risks. Identifying risks in this classification system focuses on the source of the risk as opposed to identifying by the type of risk. Hazard risks are classified as a pure risk, arising from property, liability or personnel

  • Disadvantages Of Disaster Risk

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    collaboration of social and environmental processes, from the mixture of natural hazards and the vulnerabilities of exposed elements. Due to increases in the exposure of persons and assets, the brutality of the impacts of disasters depends strongly on the level of exposure and vulnerability in the affected area, and proof indicates that risk has increased worldwide largely. For example, long-term increases in economic losses from weather- and climate-related disasters is caused by increasing exposure (IPCC

  • Strategic Challenges For Local Communities

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    well as the future areas of concentration. It also determined six strategic challenges facing the nation: terrorist threat; growing cyber threats; biological concerns as a whole; nuclear terrorism; transnational criminal organizations; and natural hazards. The basic building block of emergency management in the U.S. is the local community. Each step begins here. Threat assessments are completed on the local level. Planning, mitigation, and response are all responsibilities of the local community to

  • UNIT 3 - P1 P2 M1

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    P1 Introduction When working in a health and social environment, it is important that the surrounding nature is safe and free of any potential harm. A hazard is something that can possibly cause you this danger. Hazards range from something being misplaced to a broken object. When identifying a hazard, risk assessments would take place to find out the best and quickest solution to prevent any danger. The definition of a risk is the probability or threat of damage, injury, liability

  • Disaster Essay

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    “DISASTERS CREATES OPPURTUNITIES FOR DEVELOPMENT” DISASTER: Disaster can be defined as “The occurrence of a sudden or major misfortune which disrupts the basic fabric and normal functioning of a society, or community.” “An event or series of events which gives rise to casualties and/or damage or loss of property, infrastructure, essential services or means of livelihood on a scale which is beyond the normal capacity of the affected community’s ability to cope with out aid.” According to UNISDR

  • A Report On The Fire

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    Written Assignment #1 1. Risk: Risk is identified by each situation that could potentially bring harm to the town, and that may bring damage if the risk is very hazardous. a. In Stone Park even though we are a small community, we have a serious water pressure issue with the water that supplies the fire hydrants. This community could have problems when fighting a fire and not being supplied enough water, therefore, the fire could grow quickly due to not enough water. Our village did talk to the

  • The Importance Of Artificial Disasters

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    priority is to reduce the vulnerability of people to hazards such as terror attacks and natural disasters. Therefore, to save human lives and also reduce property damage, in the long run, disaster analysis is a very important part in disaster management. In a given society, disasters can

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fitness Test

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    assessment, this will include finding all the hazards that would be a risk to participants. For example; One of the hazards while carrying out the test you will be doing could be if a participant was to wear the wrong type of shoes while doing the beep test this could lead to them injuring themselves by falling over. After collecting all the hazards write down how these risks can be controlled and the extent of the risk. For the example I gave for a hazard that could happen in the test being taken it