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  • Web Service And Web Services

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    ABSTRACT Web Services are modular, self-describing, self-contained and loosely coupled applications that can be published, located, and invoked across the web. With the increasing number of web services available on the web, the need for web services composition is becoming more and more important. Nowadays, for answering complex needs of users, the construction of new web services based on existing ones is required. This problem is known as web services composition. However, it is one of big challenge

  • Amazon Web Services Essay

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    AMAZON WEB SERVICES CASE ANALYSIS SNEHA KATKURI Amazon’s core business of selling goods (ranging from books to fresh food and electronics to fashion cloths) through its e-commerce portal has seen exponential growth which necessitated a need for a massive storage and computing infrastructure that is always available and is resistant to failures. After building this, it is intuitive for Amazon to open up the infrastructure and sell it as a commodity. This helps Amazon

  • Information Services And The Area Of Web Services

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    BN402-Year 4-XML & Web Services Web Services SOAP vs REST Within the area of Web Services Submitted by: Sharon Grey: B00052916 Submission date March 2015 Declaration I hereby certify that this material, which I now submit for assessment on the programme of study leading to the award, Honors Degree in Computing in the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown, is entirely my own work except where otherwise stated. Author: _____¬Sharon Grey___________ Dated: ____March 2015____

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Web Services

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    AWARE WEB SERVICE SELECTION AND COMPOSITION FOR TRAVELS APPLICATION V.Bharath Kumar., (M.E)., Department of Information Technology Sri Sairam Engineering College Chennai, Tamilnadu. bharathkncet@gmail.com M. Suresh Kumar., M.E., (P.HD)., Department of Information Technology Sri Sairam Engineering College Chennai, Tamilnadu. sureshkumar.it@sairam.edu.in In UDDI registry there are innumerous numbers of functionally same Web Services (WS), to select the most qualified and relevant Web Service according

  • Technical Report On Amazon Web Services

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    Navid Ganjian CIT360 – Professor Seno Assignment #3 – Technical Report Amazon Web Services Before getting into the details of Amazon Web Services (AWS), it’s better to have an understanding of what Cloud Computing means because AWS is one type of a “Cloud”. Cloud, in a world of technology, means providing resources such as servers, applications, storage, and etc. to businesses or individuals to eliminate the need of equipment to be set up, managed, or maintained on the premises of the users. There

  • Service Oriented Design For Interfacing Web Services

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    Introduction Web Services are an every growing and highly useful method of viewing and manipulating geographic products, however there are several different ways in which to go about interfacing Web Services. SOAP (Originally Simple Object Access Protocol) and Representational State Transfer (REST) are two of the most recent and commonly used methods for interfacing Web Services. This essay will expand on what SOAP and REST are, compare the differences between them, and where possible relate their

  • Web Services, Cloud Computing

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    Kevin Sanchez 06/27/2015 COSC 6390 Professor Yun Wan Comparing Web Services, Cloud Computing, and how Cloud Computing Impacts Companies Cloud Computing and Web Services have become well known services that companies have been using. Web services provide the ways that organizations can use applications to communicate with each other across the internet. Cloud computing provides various types of service, such as software as a service, where a provider gives the company software that they can use for

  • The Unreliable Web Services Revolution

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    The Untrustworthy Web Services Revolution Group No:15 Nishank Jain, Kartik Patel, Mayank Deora, Nallagatla Manikanta, Rishabh Chhabra Summary: Web services are software systems which are designed to support data transfer and exchange of information over a network. Web services use various open standards like TCP, IP, HTML, and Java. Ever increasing demand for higher data transfer rates requires systems which can handle large volume of data. The data should not be vulnerable to attack from hackers

  • Analyzing Ericsson Benefited From Amazon Web Services

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    offered ‘as a service to customers using internet technologies’. This case study will clarify Ericsson benefited from Amazon Web Services in term of cost reduction, automated software updates, remote access, and on-demand availability. It will evaluate the scalability, dependability, manageability, and adaptability of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Services (Amazon S3), and RightScale. It will observe the security concerns for cloud-based services and make suggestions

  • Web Service Developments And Standards

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    critical issues is embodied by (Web) services that can be easily assembled to form a collection of autonomous and loosely coupled business processes cite{Papazoglou}. The arising of Web service developments and standards in support of automated business integration has driven major technological advances in the integration software space, most notably, the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) cite{Dan:2008}. In an SOA, software resources are packaged as Web services, which are well defined, self-contained