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  • Analysis Of Flipped By Wendelin Van Draanen

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    novel, Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen, Juli Baker faced many challenges. The challenges that Juli and I both share deal with family issues and it’s very difficult sometimes. Juli Baker’s challenges were her family. Juli Baker found out she was poor because her Uncle was developmentally disabled so they lived in a rented house. This was a family issue because they had to pay for Uncle David’s home. Juli’s dad said “‘Who’s Mr. Finnegan?” “The man who owns this house’”(Van Draanen 102). This was the

  • The Running Dream By Wendelin Van Draanen

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    “Losing a leg was like having to learn how to suck in air through the pores of my skin. Somehow I survived, but each breath was painful” (Draanen 157). Jessica, from Wendelin Van Draanen’s The Running Dream, loved to run. Which is why when she lost her leg she described it as stated above, like learning how to take in air through her skin. Her leg was a part of her, something she loved to use, and when it was gone she felt off balance, both metaphorically and actually. I felt this way when someone

  • A Literary Analysis Of Flipped By Wendelin Van Draanen

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    it doesn’t change their decision, and those people have a fixed mindset. However, others have a growth mindset, that means those people don’t give up and believe in hard work. In Flipped, by Wendelin Van Draanen, the character, Juliana Baker aka Juli has a growth mindset. In Flipped, by Wenelin Van Draanen, Juli Baker has a growth mindset. Juli was mad at Bryce, but Bryce was sorry about what he did, h planted a Sycamore Tree in her front yard for forgiveness, Juli says, “So maybe I should go

  • Essay: A Casual Man's Guide To Survival

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    comparing two resources that have survival as their topic, but are distinct in their own way. Sometimes, authors write in such a unique way, the reader can’t even tell if two works are literature have he same topic! “Runaway”, a fiction novel, by Wendelin Van Draanen, is a diary of a girl named Holly, who is an orphan on the run. She writes about her survival adventure from escaping her foster parents to heading down to California, to ending up living in an apartment above a dog salon. “ A Casual Man’s

  • Personal Reflection Of Personal Ethics In The Classroom

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    I am one of the numerous amount of students enrolled in your class and most likely, you have no idea who I am. I am hopeful that this letter will apprise you about my personality, work ethic, and other characteristics. When I was younger, I enjoyed being constantly active; whether that be hanging off the couch while watching T.V. or running around my house yelling incoherent phrases to drive my mother insane, I did it all. One day, I stumbled upon a video of a girl teaching the viewer how to do

  • Cathedral Raymond Carver Analysis

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    The Cathedral “It’s tragic to have sight but no vison”, Helen Keller. This quote applies to the story “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver. The story about a sighted man who lacks vison, but encounters a blind man who has spiritual vison. In consequence of the encounter the narrator wakes up and realized he has been blind his whole life. In the story the narrator seems very narcissistic and narrow minded. The narrators’ ideas and characterizations of the blind were influenced by the television. Not only

  • How To Write A Narrative Essay On 8thgrades

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    Lenah Stefani West Scranton Intermediate-- 8thgrade Flipped – Wendelin Van Draanen When Bryce Loski moved into his new house at a young age he was immediately bombarded by one of his new neighbors, Juliana Baker. All she wanted to do was make friends with him and play, after all they were in the same grade. Juli soon feel in love with Bryce but Bryce found her annoying and weird. Years went by and Bryce avoided talking to Juli and ignored the ginormous crush everyone knew she had on him. Juliana’s

  • Running Dream Reflection

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    The Running Dream Book Reflection In The Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen, sixteen-year-old, track star Jessica was traveling to a meet and the bus crashed. Her teammate Lucy, died in the accident. Jessica was rushed to the hospital and doctors had to amputate her leg. Jessica and her parents were very upset, running was a huge part of her life. She had a long and tough recovery ahead of her, she became depressed knowing she would never be able to move like she used to. She visited a prosthetist

  • Flipped Book Report

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    stay away from her. There are many ways that can happen, people can act like they are their friend but reality is the opposite. In the book Flipped, from Bryce's perspective, it mentions, "All I ever wanted is for Juli Baker to leave me alone "(Van Draanen 1). This explains Bryce's thoughts of Juliana in the beginning of the book. One key event in the story is the moment Bryce moved into the neighborhood. The moment Bryce moved into the neighborhood Juliana was enthusiastic. But Bryce was fearful

  • The Running Dream Analysis

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    In the book The Running Dream by Wendelin van Draanen we follow Jessica, a teenage track star, with a newly amputated leg. The novel opens in the hospital, where Jessica feels despairingly and unable in a tragic point of her life. She feels a tad bit better after managing to get herself upstairs and take a shower by herself, one of many difficulties she’ll have to get over. When she returns to school, in her math class she has to sit in the back of the classroom at a table with a girl named Rosa