West Garo Hills

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  • Garo Tribe

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    Garo people The Garos are a tribal people in Meghalaya, India and neighboring areas of Bangladesh, who call themselves A·chik Mande (literally "hill people," from a·chik "hill" + mande "people") or simply A·chik or Mande.[1] They are the second-largest tribe in Meghalaya after theKhasi and comprise about a third of the local population. The Garo community is one of the major tribes in Bangladesh. According to the history books, the Garo tribe entered Bangladesh in the first century. They were refugees

  • Essay On Environmental Factors Affecting Cell Phone Company

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    Environmental Factors The environmental factors of integrating a cell phone company into India are an important factor of globalization of a company. It is important to look at what will be affected environmentally as well as how the environment, climate, and topography of a location can be poor or beneficial. If a region is known to have inclement weather, it may not be worth the costs of building there. Ecological consequences, cost of energy in a region, and the disposal of material should all

  • The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

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    Employment Guarantee and Migration -Koshtub Vohra, MPP - 11 Introduction The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, the lead welfare project of the UPA Government was passed by the Parliament in August 2005 and became effective on fifth September 2005. It has been criticized by numerous as yet another instance of a vast lump of public money being flushed down the channel in pointless rural development works. Reports of plans comprising of the NREGA workers burrowing trench and after that re-filling

  • About Rabha Tribe of Assam

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    VIII. LITERATURE 4.1 ORAL: Like other ethnic tribal groups of the North East India and Assam, the Rabha tribe also have their own distinct language, literature and culture, which they express through mythology, folk songs, ballads, proverbs, etc. This community has rich oral literature, which passes from generation to generation. The Rabha oral literature can be classified into three major groups- namely (1). Folk songs, (2). Proverbs, riddles, sayings and charms, and (3). Folk-tales. Folk Songs: