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  • Joseph M. Juran 's Life

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    four years later graduated with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. After returning to school, about a decade later, Joseph received a J.D. in Law at Loyola University in 1935. In 1924, soon after graduation, Joseph started working at Western Electric. At Western Electric Joseph worked within the inspection department of the famous Hawthorne Works located in Chicago. Hawthorne Works was a very

  • Essay on Business Case Study - Lucent Technologies

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    Business Case Study - Lucent Technologies Executive Summary Lucent Technologies is a global leader in communications and software development. This report briefly overlooks its evolution, its achievements since its inception and its mission and targets. Born as a result of a spin-off of a unit of AT&T and relying on Bell Laboratories for its innovations, Lucent has expanded and grown at a tremendous rate in a very short time. Introduction Lucent Technologies

  • Play Analysis – Sure Thing by David Ivis Essay example

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    Play Analysis – Sure Thing by David Ivis The Setting of “Sure Thing” by David Ivis is important in terms of setting the mood as well as the context for the play’s main conflict. “Sure Thing” is set in a café where the the two main characters, Bill and Betty, awkwardly encounter one another. During their encounter, a ring of a bell continues to disrupt their connection. Despite the ringing bell, or because of the ringing bell, the two characters are able to establish a connection. The fact that they

  • The Mass-Western Protagonist Essay example

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    Tall T, though produced in 1957, is representative of the great mass of simplistic, histrionic films which constituted the majority of the Western genre output during the 1920s through the 1950s; the film is perhaps even an exemplar of the subgenre, as director Budd Boetticher most likely drew upon the most typical of the accumulated conventions of the B-Western for inspiration. Yet the final product does not transcend the subgenre

  • Analysis Of ' A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night ' Essay

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    a mixture of genres such as the Spaghetti Western, the teenage romance, and the vampire genre. The clash of genres in this film brings out the idea of hybridity and duality, with the sounds and cinematography creating a sense of ambiguity, or the ‘in-between’. The underlying mix brings out a sense of horror for the overall feel of the film as it leaves audiences with a sense of fear and realisation that not everything is as it seems. The spaghetti western genre is a part of the mix of genres which

  • Industrial Western Movie: There Will Be Blood Essay

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    other western genres. It is a story that is formed from a novel by Upton Sinclair’s book, Oil! (1927) (Belton, 2009, p.401). Many westerns were based on dime novels that were written in the mid and late 1800s (Belton, 2009, p.246). American society was going through a transitional period from an agrarian society to an industrial society in the 1800s and early 1900s (Wright 2001; Desk Encyclopedia, 1989, pp. 27-28, 630-631). The change in revolutions could explain the difference in most western genres

  • The Good The Bad And The Ugly Essay

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    most famous Westerns of all times. Not only it became part of our culture, but it has also created a sub-genre of Westerns, called "Spaghetti Westerns", mainly because of the Italian origins of the filmmaker and the fact that his movies were shot in Europe instead of Hollywood. Despite the characteristic Western tradition found in the movie, Sergio Leone creates a genre free from any stereotypical clichés that Westerns encompass. This paper will explore the ways in which “Spaghetti Westerns” deviate

  • Analysis : A Fist Full Of Dollars, By Sergio Leone

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    Sergio Leone broke onto the western movie scene with the film “A Fist Full of Dollars.” This movie was the first installment of the Dollars Trilogy which also included “For a Few Dollars More,” and “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.” These movies, more specifically “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly,” ushered in a new era of western films. Soon after the success of Leone’s films, a wave of Italians started to make Western movies and become successful in the industry. One such director was Sergio Corbucci

  • Historical Perspective Of Django Unchained And Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid

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    necessary to survive, including killing. The memory of slavery is revisited and reminds the United States of its shame during the time of the film. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is a revisionist western that pays homage to old western movies. Since Westerns were outdated in the late 60’s, this revised western film is created with New Hollywood elements including an unhappy ending and film using rock/pop soundtracks to attract the youth. Theme Both Django Unchained and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance


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    THE FORGOTTEN HISTORY OF THE WESTERN CINEMA The western movies are film genre where the scene generally takes place in North America during the American conquest of the West in the last decades of the nineteenth century. This genre appears since the invention of the cinema in 1985 finding its inspiration from literature and painting arts of the American Wild West. This genre reached its first success in the mid-twentieth century during the golden age of Hollywood studios, before it had being reinvented