Western Michigan University

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  • My Personal Field Trip At The Permanent Sculptures At Western Michigan University

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    I personally felt that I enjoyed the permanent ones better and that is what I will write about in this paper. The permanent sculptures resemble students and faculty at Western Michigan University. In contrast, the sculptures on tour did not relate so much to the students or campus as much but they did relate to the state of Michigan. While I was observing the sculptures, I did have one favorite and that the was Dunes because it painted an accurate illustration in my head when I was observing it. I

  • Western Michigan University-Personal Narrative Analysis

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    When I first stepped foot on the campus of Western Michigan university, I felt as if I was at my new home. My tour guide, Cal, was very friendly and informative. Everyone on campus waved to our group. They were happy to see prospective students. The campus was beautiful and the living quarters were nice as well. I liked the interactions on campus and how personal the experience was. I like the small class sizes and statistics for success. I like that Western is a bigger school, but it is still quite

  • Ohio State And Michigan State

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    Ann Arbor, was 34-0. Michigan dominated Ohio State in their first couple meetings. “Carmen Ohio”, Ohio State alma mater, was wrote in 1902 on the way back from Ann Arbor after losing to Michigan 86-0. Ohio State better and better each year until they final grew big enough to join the Big Ten in 1912. It is 1950, snow is coming down harder than ever and the wind is brutal but yet two teams are out on a football field with a stadium full of Scarlet and Blue all around. Michigan vs Ohio State has long

  • The life of Coach Jim Harbaugh

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    a majority of Johns childhood coaching at the University of Michigan before moving out to California for a different job. Growing up around the team Jim had the opportunity to get close with the coach, a man named Bo Schembechler. Already having a relationship it really was no surprise when Bo started recruiting one of the top high school arms in the country in Jim's final year of high school to come and play quarterback for the University of Michigan. Of course Jim accepted the scholarship offer

  • The Law Of Admissions Standards

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    It’s impossible to prophesy on what types of cases will arise. And it’s doubtful that anyone could have predicted the issues that would come with university admissions standards. Because lets be honest, no school wants to be viewed as the dunderhead who rejected the next Shakespeare or Aristotle. Many factors can play a role: GPA, SAT scores, extracurricular activities, and other academically related aspects, are always going to be taken into consideration. But there’s one other factor—it’s the one

  • The Visual Reflection Of The Discoursee Community Of A Freging Band

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    The visual argumentation that I ended up creating was revising the information from my discourse community of a marching band paper and turning it into an infographic. It consists of six components of a marching band that are named and briefly explained, as well as an image of an instrument found in the marching band that correlates to that component. My visual argumentation shows the revision of my discourse paper, has stayed fairly similar to what my design plan has dictated, and followed the principles

  • Gratz Et Al. V. Bollinger Case Study

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    4,5) Petitioner, Jennifer Gratz, who is Caucasian Michigan resident, applied for admission for the fall 1995 semester, to the University of Michigan’s College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) as residents of the State of Michigan. Gratz was told that, despite being very much qualified, she was being denied admission because her application was not competitive enough on first review. A class action suit was filed against the University because she felt that she was discriminated against

  • The University of Michigan Should NOT Use Affirmative Action

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    The University of Michigan Should NOT Use Affirmative Action Imagine, your walking down the street looking for a job. You see a sign in the window that says, “Whites encouraged to apply.” Imagine the period in time when just being white got you into a college, without any other considerations of grades or athletic ability. Those were the days of the Jim Crow laws. Now these instances have happened in the past 20 years, through new laws called Affirmative Action. The big argument is over these

  • Art In Art, Art And The Art Of Art

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    Drawing is not an activity, but a piece of me that I could never let go of. Drawing has transformed itself from a fun hobby into an essential form of expression. It has transformed the way I look at things; nothing is mundane in art. A tree, for example, is a beautiful thing. Every single tree is unique, with its own bark texture, its own arrangement of branches, and its own color. The limit only gets pushed further when the tree inherits the personality of its artistic creator. Whenever I feel emotionally

  • The Case Of Grutter V. Bollinger

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    Bollinger was based on a racial decision by the University of Michigan Law School denying Barbara Grutter entrance. She had a good GPA and a good place on the LSAT, and she should have been allowed into the school without her race being considered. Introduction This was a United States Supreme Court case, in where Barbara Grutter applied for the University of Michigan Law School and was denied. This University was founded in 1859, and has an enrollment