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  • Westfield Merger

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    Westfield Changing with the Times Peter Lowry, the CEO of Westfield made a decision to stay at the firm after prodding from his father Frank Lowry and Co-CEO Stephen Lowry, who is also his brother and promising prospects. According to an excerpt published on the Jewish Business News on February 2015, Peter had initially announced that he will leave the firm following a restructuring move. The firm underwent a de-merger process that led to the creation a new separate entity called Scentre Group that

  • Westfield River Hypothesis

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    Hypothesis: Birds will be more numerous by the Westfield river than at the wetland area and will be more active in the morning. Intro/ Discussion: After observing the westfield river and the wetland land area for birds as a group, we discovered a higher amount at the river. There was 21 birds spotted at the Westfield river and 19 at the wetland area. This proves part of our hypothesis correct. We believed from the beginning that this would be case because the wetland area acts as nesting zone

  • Westfield Knitting Guitar Lessons

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    Seniors in Westfield, New Jersey, can learn new skills and keep their minds active by participating in the following local classes: Philately The Westfield Stamp Club gets together at the Westfield Municipal Building at 425 East Broad Street the fourth Thursday of the month at 8 p.m. This clubs is ideal for seniors just starting to collect stamps or are a knowledgeable lifetime collector. In this club, seniors will attend regular lectures hosted by philatelic professionals where they will learn

  • Informational Interview With Kelly Galanis

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    is jack of many trades and is a great example of exploration within the field of communication. I found Kelly using LinkedIn one evening. Junior Delgado of the career center had shared one of her latest posts about a job opportunity on campus. Westfield State Univestiy Department of Advancement Alumni and University Relations had a job posting for an Annual Giving Coordinator. Due to my interest in fundraising, I clicked on the link to get further detail. After reading the job description, I

  • A Report On The Local Schools

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    Mary Catholic Church Rydalmere (Myrtle Street-see Historic Landmarks) • Nova Life Church (Antoine Street) • Siloam Korean - Presbyterian Church (Parramatta Valley Cycleway) Shopping & Dining Rydalmere is nearby the Newington Marketplace and the Westfield Parramatta shopping centre, but it also has its own commercial area with some shops and eateries. The following is a representation of some of the local shops, cafes, and restaurants. • The Work Warehouse (Mary Parade) - Work clothes shop • Totally

  • Uglies Scott Westfield Analysis

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    Recently over summer break I've read “Uglies” by Scott Westfield. My initial thoughts on the story was that it was about a ugly disfunction society, which ended up being true. After finishing ,the story the greater less on of inner beauty reflecting on the outside shown through. The wording of the story is tremendous in detailing the struggles of this dystopia. I truly love how easy it was to fall in love with the main character. However ,the story flaws by painting the society as narcissistic,cruel

  • Westfield Group : Organisation Analysis Report

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    WESTFIELD GROUP - Organisation Analysis Report Executive summary This organization analysis report provides an analysis of diversity and multiple sources of an Australian firm named Westfield. The core business of the Westfield shopping centre is mainly selling in fashion stuffs and accessories of the luxury brand retail monopoly. In addition, Westfield also included department stores business appliances, beauty shops, Woolworth’s supermarket, restaurants and many other items. Methods of analysis

  • The Working Environment Of Westfield State University

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    From the information deduced from the survey, there are three practical recommendations for better align the working environment of Westfield State University with the expectations and skills of the millennial generation in order to ultimately improve recruitment, retention, and productivity of administrative staff members. The three recommendations are implementing clear guidelines for promotion, creating a formal mentoring program, and allowing formal Flexible scheduling. Below a description of

  • How Organisational Structure and Strategic Planning Can Help Businesses to Achieve Their Purpose and Aims

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    Strategic planning is important for all businesses because this is when they set there aims and will discuss how they can achieve that aim. These aims have to be realistic and the owners will discuss this with their workers. Some aims might be hard to get but executives will want their workers to push hard so that it can be achieved. Marks and Spencer’s aim was to be the best supermarket in Britain but the recession had affected them really bad giving them losses of over 100 million pounds. Currently

  • Personal Narrative: Westfield Child Center On My Life

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    Walking nervously into my first day of working at Westfield Child Center was a defining moment that ultimately impacted my life in a way in which it would never go back to the way it once was. I can clearly remember it was a place filled with children’s excitement and staff who seemed to be a part of their own family. Everyone was extremely friendly and greeted me with open arms, however, it still did not diminish my feeling of ostracism. Whenever anyone enters a new setting, it is normal to feel