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  • Informational Interview With Kelly Galanis

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    jack of many trades and is a great example of exploration within the field of communication. I found Kelly using LinkedIn one evening. Junior Delgado of the career center had shared one of her latest posts about a job opportunity on campus. Westfield State Univestiy Department of Advancement Alumni and University Relations had a job posting for an Annual Giving Coordinator. Due to my interest in fundraising, I clicked on the link to get further detail. After reading the job description, I

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Beaver Stadium

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    Beaver Stadium Beaver Stadium is located on the campus of Pennsylvania State University in University Park, Pennsylvania. Beaver Stadium has been the home of Penn State football since 1960, and holds a capacity of over one hundred thousand(Beaver Stadium). Every Saturday, students, alumni, and fans come from all over the country to support the university. These games have been storied events that have taken place at Penn State for over a century. Not only is it a great place to visit and attend a

  • Scott Williams Research Paper

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    His father, Roger K. Williams, was one of the first Blacks to earn a Ph.D. in Psychology at Penn State University in 1946. When he was 12, Scott Williams' mother took him to see the M.I.T. campus during a family trip to Boston. After her description of the Institute as a great place of mathematical learning, he said, "Mom, I will get a Ph.D. here in Mathematics." Despite a nearly perfect College Board Exam (now the SAT) math score, Williams didn’t get a

  • Penn State Scandal

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    The Impact of Race and Ethnicity at Penn State Kyle Schafer Southern New Hampshire University The Impact of Ethnicity at Penn State Today’s society faces various factors that include ethnicity, race, culture and gender that have impacts on individual’s or organization’s decisions. Race and ethnicity present in education is a very profound barrier to equality, equality access to all globally (Zajda & Freeman, 2009). Penn State University is no exception and a scandal that occurred in the

  • The Decision Making Process Criteria

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    the President and board on ethics issues and alignment with Penn State Principles. The officer is to establish a council and select a Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) with whom ethics initiatives are synchronized. The goal of this council is to emphasize and practice transparency at all levels while communicating openly and frequently with the university around issues. The university was also asked to establish the Penn State Rock Ethics Institute. The Ethics Officer

  • Transportation On Pennsylvania State Campus

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    Transportation on Pennsylvania State campus, via bicycle, has always been an option for students and faculty since 1855. However, the university 150 years ago was different considering the size of the campus and student body. In 1863, and later years, the classes totalled a measly 64 undergraduates, while in 2016 more than 40,000 students make up each undergraduate level. Every year this number increases making university park a more crowded area in every regard from housing to congestion of sidewalks

  • Analysis Of Jerry Sandusky Scandal

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    In 2011 head coach Joe Paterno of Pennsylvania State University was fired after a scandal involving Jerry Sandusky brought to light allegations of child sexual abuse that had been in the shadows for as many as 30 plus years without any discipline. After Sandusky was found guilty and sentenced to 30-60 years, some question whether this incident could have been prevented and why it was kept secret for so many years. The Sandusky scandal is a good example of a concept called Groupthink proposed by Irvan

  • Nebraska State Budget

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    Abstract The State of Nebraska has a biennium budget that is set from 2013 all the way to 2015. Knowing what is in your budget and how to properly gauge what will be needed for the coming two years in each department is an important aspect to a successful budget. The person in charge of the budget for each department needs to know how to properly budget and respond to the needs of the state in the most fiscal way possible. A budget is only as good as the person who is running it. The Nebraska State budget

  • Why I Am A Doctor

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    signed up for classes for my first semester at Wayne State University, I was hesitant to sign up for English 1020. Even though I was hesitant, I knew this was a course I had to take. I promised myself that I would take this class, and I would put in much more effort than I had previously. This effort was mainly enforced because of the extremely high standards that medical schools hold their applicants to (the average GPA to get into the Wayne State Medical School is 3.75). Since the beginning of this

  • The Olympia Beekeepers Association ( Oba )

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    2014 to Present: Member of the Olympia Beekeepers Association (OBA). As an active member I took part in the negotiations that arranged for the installation of bee hives at the Olympia Airport. My outreach group and I, working on a pollinator awareness project, installed two hives and have been maintaining them for two years. Our current collaborative efforts with the airport are advancing an auction to donate our honey proceeds in support of a local woman’s shelter. I developed and facilitated