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  • Dreams : What Are Dreams?

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    What are dreams? Are they the mind’s way of entertaining itself while you sleep, or are they your unconscious trying to tell you something? If you chose the ladder, you are on the right track. The mind can’t talk to you, you don 't hear voices in your head unless you are a Schizophrenic. The only way that our unconscious mind has a way to communicate, is when you are asleep. The idea that dreams are trying to tell you something is simple, but understanding what the dream is trying to say can be difficult

  • My Experience Of English : English And English Language

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    Understanding English I have never really paid attention to certain languages or how people talk, until last year in my senior english class. My English teacher's name was Ms.Gibbons, she was short with short brown hair, and skin as white as a ghost.Her classroom was at the very end of a long hallway, tables sit up in a U shape with chairs all around them,blueish carpet, white walls with english signs everywhere, one row of computers across from the 9 windows, a smart board at the front of the

  • Bed Bug Disadvantages

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    Bed Bug Extermination Have you ever heard people complaining about itching or biting during night hours or about having a large number of small insects crawling in all over the kitchen, bedroom or at other places at home? Yes! These are bed bugs and they are what people have been combating to get rid of them for years. They’re the most devilish and vulnerable creatures caused itching and biting leaving red spot, skin bumps and welts on victim’s skin. It is the most disgusting thing to look at. Besides

  • Brain On Fire : The Story Of Brain On Fire By Susannah Cahalan

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    and was just a normal writer for the New York Post. When Cahalan first saw that she had two bug bites on her arm she just thought that it was just bedbugs. How do you really tell what any bug bite it is without going to the doctor? If you have bedbugs of course you are going to want to hide it. She was scared that her co-workers would judge her harshly if they thought she had bedbugs. This little bug bite just happened to be just the beginning of such a terrible thing. Cahalan's co-workers, parents

  • Analyzing The Metamorphosis Essay

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    and would probably make me want to turn into a bug, too. Kafka was brilliant in not actually letting his readers know exactly what kind of bug Gregor was. It was obviously intentional. When the book got published, Kafka was actually worried that the publisher would want to illustrate a picture of the bug-like creature. He wrote the publisher explaining that he didn't want any pictures that depicted what Gregor might have looked like. I like this idea because it really helps the reader of the

  • Anton Grete's Death Of A Salesman

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    future as an insect. Initially, there are already a lot of adjectives used to describe his realization that he’s an insect. What I also noticed is that once he started noticing all the physical aspects, it’s as if his human self became more muddled once the realizations set in. It’s really ironic how he views his job as a traveling salesman as a nuisance. Most people really enjoy traveling, and I’m sure this

  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At Euclid High School

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    I was one of the new kids at Euclid High School. Being in high school was new to me. I actually couldn’t believe that i’ve made it. As soon as I walked in through the building, I didn’t really know anyone or even saw any of the people that I was used to talking to in middle school. I knew only people in my grade on some students who were in a grade higher than me. Everyone seemed like they’ve gotten taller over the summer. I was still the same height as I was back in the 6th grade, I believed. When

  • Personal Narrative Essay : A Trip To The Camper

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    memorable trip such as the walking sticks or that time someone killed a cottonmouth with a wiffle ball bat. We always had fun messing around in the woods, building fires, and finding broken parts on the camper when we got to the campground. It wasn’t really a good trip unless we forgot something we needed at home. Out of all the trips we took the best ones were when we had to “improvise”. I remember the excitement I got waking up early that morning and going outside to find my brother and my dad backing

  • Depression In Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis

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    Metamorphosis” is a man that wakes up from his sleep as a bug, there is no exact reason for this but cause, it still remained as a mystery. Gregor reminded me of another character from a book called “The Perks of being a Wallflower” this character named Charlie had depression and is set aside from all social groups at his school. The differences between Gregor and Charlie are quite grand, for example the fact that gregor was turned into a bug, where as Charlie only deals with his depression. They’re

  • Isopod Behavior Lab Report

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    Stephen Pidliskey 09/15/07 P1 Park ISOPOD BEHAVIOR LAB REPORT Background Information: In our lab we were working with isopods, also known as pill bugs or rollie pollies. The isopods that we worked with were land isopods. They like to live in moist places under untouched objects such as boards, bricks, rotting logs and or rocks. Basically, they will live anywhere! If you are lucky enough, you can even find them next to buildings where it is moist and if there is food. All living organisms like