When Your Heart Stops Beating

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  • A Letter From The Story, Meleager And The Boar

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    actions. My son, Meleager was just a few days old when I was visited by the ones we call the Fates. I held my son close to my breast uncertain of what my child’s fate would be. Would he be destined for a long and joyous life, bringing honor to the family name? Or would he perish in my arms, hardly catching a glimpse of this miraculous gift we call life? One by one each sister foretold how my beautiful son would become a heroic and a brave man. My heart swelled with pride as I heard the great deeds my

  • Essay On Sudden Cardiac Arrest

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    a condition in which the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating. When this happens blood stops flowing to the brain and other vital organs. Arrhythmias can cause SCA. An arrhythmia is an irregular heartbeat and what causes an arrhythmia is when the electrical system that controls the rate and rhythm of the heart isn’t functioning properly. During an arrhythmia the heart can beat too fast too slow or an irregular rhythm. Some arrhythmias can cause the heart to stop pumping blood to the body

  • The Theory Is The Selfish Gene Theory

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    selfish-gene theory in which organisms stay healthy long enough in order to procreate and provide for their children until they are old enough to provide for themselves and procreate as well. People will not live forever as, “immorality arrives with your offspring,” (Radford). According to a study at Harvard, an evolutionary standpoint says that people die in order to make sure there are resources remaining for the next generation (Thorpe). Death is defined legally by the Uniform Determination Act

  • The Narrators In The Tell Tale Heart And The Black Cat

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    Tell Tale Heart” and “The Black Cat” were insane for many reasons. One reason is that in both stories the narrator is annoyed with something and decides to just kill the person/cat. This shows insanity. In the story “The Tell Tale Heart” the narrator is very annoyed by this one man. He goes to the man’s house every night and watches him determining how to kill him because the man’s eye annoys the narrator. One night the man hears the narrator moving and wakes up. The man’s heart is beating so much

  • Informative Speech About Heart

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    I. Heart is a muscular organ in human and animals which pumps blood through the blood vessels of the circulatory system, supplying oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and removing carbon dioxide. II. Do you notice that on valentine day, people usually give heart-shaped candies to their partner? III. Do your ever hear a people singing about their broken heart when you are listening to radio or love song? IV. If you realised, we often see and hear about hearts everywhere in our daily life. V. But do

  • Medical Myth: X-Rays Cause Cancer

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    radiation are more likely to develop cancer. However, recent studies have shown that low levels of radiation do not cause cancer. You are only exposed to a small amount of radiation when you get an x-ray. Anyone who has a radiology degree will tell you that you are exposed to a small amount of radiation every day. Myth: Cracking Your Knuckles Can Lead To Arthritis

  • Heart Disease Is A Wide Term That Describes A Range Of

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    Heart disease is a wide term that describes a range of conditions that affect your heart. These heart diseases consist of born heart defects, blood vessel diseases, and heart rhythm implications. This term can also be interchanged with the term “cardiovascular disease”, which refers to blood vessel blockage that can lead to severe effects (chest pain, heart attack, stroke). Other symptoms that affect your heart’s beat or muscles also are considered a type of heart disease. Living a healthy life and

  • Why Organ Donation Should Be Encouraged

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    Daelyn Sagert September 12, 2017 Comp. 1 4th hour Exemplification Essay Why Organ Donation Should Be Encouraged Organ donation is always a hard decision to make before you pass away, and for your loved ones to make after you have passed away. People often misinterpret how organ donation works. In order for someone to want to be an organ donor they have to be able to understand all the facts about it. Not all people realize how important being an organ donor is. Three steps that everyone should

  • The Hysterectomy Of Abortion

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    A hysterectomy is when an abortionist permanently removes the entire uterus and the baby with the intent to kill the baby. Third trimester abortions are the same procedures as those performed in the second trimester, but the United States only allows abortions after twenty-four for medical reasons. Abortion is one of the most controversial debate in the world today. The reason that this is such a hard topic to solve is because of one simple question. When does life begin? The answer to that question

  • Donate Life Month-Pros And Cons Of Organ Donation

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    Alexa Kersting was just seven years old when she was diagnosed with lung disease and was placed on the organ transplant list at age 12, after developing pulmonary hypertension. As expected, she didn’t get to live the life of a normal kid. Alexa was either at home or at the hospital, being assisted by oxygen 24 hours a day. Due to her illness, her mother mentioned, “Alexa couldn’t do the things that most young girls are able to do, whether it was attending her first middle school dance, or riding