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  • Whistleblower: Protected Disclosure

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    Whistleblowers What is the Whistleblowers Protection Act? The Whistleblowers Protection Act 2001 (“the Act”) supports the Government’s commitment to the principles of open, honest and accountable governance. It is designed to protect the public interest by: • exposing serious public sector wrongdoing; • ensuring public organisations are responsible and accountable; and • protecting whistleblowers from detrimental action and protecting their privacy. How do I become a whistleblower? A whistleblower

  • Should Whistleblowers Be Protected

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    Should Whistleblowers Be Protected? * Introduction The corruption rate in a community that does not support or protect reporting illegal activities is significantly high. Employees who work in public or private organizations are the first to identify wrongdoings in a workplace since they have up-to-date information. Whistleblowing can be an essential tool to identify and report these actions in the public, private and non-profit sectors. However, by revealing wrongdoings, whistleblowers often

  • Essay On SEC Whistleblowers

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    SEC whistleblowers who provide tips about possible unlawful conduct are heroes, although they rarely see themselves that way. Anyone who is considering alerting the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) about irregularities that involve their employer, colleagues or friends has probably wrestled with the decision for a while before taking action. People who find the courage to report potential violations should remember that they are protecting investors who are saving for retirement or their

  • Characteristics And Impact Of Whistleblowers

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    Characteristics and Impact of Whistleblowers Tony J. Hillian 1-23-15 Professor Weekley Law, Ethics, And Corporate Governance Strayer University Characteristics and Impact of Whistleblowers Corporate America is still reeling from scandals and corporate corruption caused by excessive greed and the need to rake in huge profits. In this paper, the writer will provide some characteristics and impacts of individuals know as “whistleblowers”. Whistleblowers have emerged to facilitate

  • Protection for Whistleblowers in Malaysia

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    1.0 Introduction Legislative protection in Malaysia of whistleblowers is not an entirely new concept. Legislation mandating personnel to disclose the existence of offences involving fraud or dishonesty, and the attendant legal protections, already exist in certain sectors. The Whistleblower Protection Act 2010 (“WPA”), which came into force on 15 December 2010, is intended to provide all-encompassing protection to the private and public sectors. One of the WPA’s key objectives is to fill in

  • The Treatment of Whistleblowers Essay

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    It used to be that whistleblowers were applauded, and they still are in the private sector, but it seems as if government whistleblowers are criticized and many are even criminally charged. There is certainly a different take on their activities. In fact, some advocates counsel federal employees not to come forward with information because if they do, their lives will be destroyed (Shulman, 2007). What often happens is that they will never be able to work in their careers again in the same capacity

  • NYPD Whistleblower Retaliation – Detective Labeled A Rat Essay

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    in and hold anybody accountable for this behavior which created a hostile working environment and promoted a universal unethical culture. In this instance, Griffith would not be sheltered from retaliation under the traditional state and federal whistleblower laws. Federal laws generally protect those that disclose fraud against the government and state law NY Code 740 covers private sector and only when the complaint has been brought to the supervisor first. In the complaint against the State of New

  • Opposition to Leakers - Government Whistleblowers Expose Classified Information

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    Are government whistleblowers acting in the public interest, or do they endanger the public by exposing classified information? Just as government transparency has waned in recent years, there have been several instances of very public national intelligence whistle-blowing. Large scale leaks such as those published by The Guardian and WikiLeaks have prompted debate on issues of government secrecy, as well as the balance between security and liberty. High profile whistleblowers like Bradley Manning

  • Review the Video Whistleblower Fired for Exposing Truth/Corrupt Government Contractor and Write a Paper Analyzing How Theory Affects Practice.

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    Whistleblower Fired for Exposing Truth/Corrupt Government Contractor By Yolanda Holmes Capella University Abstract Navy performed limited background checks on Thompson and Salvatore Carabetta when project was granted. Shaw Group and Carabetta were feuding during project, company rejected warnings from whistle-blower John Jack, costs escalated and components of houses were downgraded without Navy approval. Navy couldn't get documentation out of American Eagle, Navy didn't act quickly on information

  • Qui Tam Actions Seminar Paper

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    SNITCHING FOR RICHES: WHISTLEBLOWER BOUNTIES AND THE $96 MILLION CHERYL ECKARD SETTLEMENT Introduction Bounties have been employed by United States government over the history of our Nation. As differentiated from rewards, which offer payment for accomplishment of a specific act such as providing information that leads to the capture of a particular criminal, bounties are tailored to encourage the services or actions by some class of persons in pursuance of a governmental purpose. One of the