Whitaker and Baxter

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  • Essay on American Politics

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    to suit their needs. They forged a man’s beliefs (Lepore). This tradition of dishonesty carries through to today. Now, hiring a political consultant is a requirement and a warning: we will do whatever it takes to win (Cain 377). Ironically, Leone Baxter once voiced that political consulting “must be in the hands of the most ethical, principle[d] people . . . or else it will erode into the hands of people who have no regard for the world around them. It could be a very, very destructive thing” (Lepore

  • The Lie Factory Summary

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    influence that money and business have in politics. The first major event that clearly demonstrates this occurred in the 1934 election for governor of California. Upton Sinclair seemed to lead the race, until Campaign Inc, founded by Clem Whitaker and Leone Baxter, was hired to take him down. Their influence of that particular election led to politics becoming essentially, the money making industry that it is today. Lepore utilizes several quotes in her examination. She starts off with a kind of a

  • Essay on What's it Like After Death?

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    What's it Like After Death? Death: the final frontier. It is the last great adventure, but, sadly, most people do not know what this last adventure will be like or where they are going. So…what will it be like after death? Will it be torment, bliss, or will it just be nothingness? Fortunately, the Christian Bible will shed some light on this dark subject. The Bible says that after the mortal body is dead, the soul will live eternally in a place called Heaven or a place

  • Healthcare Essay

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    Chapter 3 The Evolution of Health Services in the United States Learning Objectives To discover historical developments that have shaped the nature of the US health care delivery system To evaluate why the system has been resistant to national health insurance reforms To explore developments associated with the corporatization of health care To speculate on whether the era of socialized medicine has dawned in the United States “Where’s the market?” 81 26501_CH03_FINAL.indd 81 7/27/11 10:31:29