White Australia policy

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  • Australia And The White Australia Policy

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    Australia in terms of immigration, has had a poor history of dealing with people travelling into the country, shown in the beginning of hand picking the majority of Australia 's population. However as the decades have rolled on, whether it be forced or by choice, Australia has become looser and more free in access and treatment within the country and importantly, less discriminatory. In order to see these improvements, the start must be shown, in which is generally summarised by the White Australia

  • Racism In Australia - The Rise and Fall of the White Australia Policy

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    Australia is a a multicultural country. That is because it has had an increased numbers of different come to live here for many different reasons.. They have all called themselves Australians and had accepted Australia as their new home. Although the perspective of accepting a different race/culture has changed, racism still exists in Australia. Australia’s indigenous people were the first victims of racism in this country. For about 50,000 years before the settlement of the British, Australia was

  • The White Australia Policy, The Racist Country Its Academic Historians Have Condemned

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    “Australia is not, and never has been, the racist country its academic historians have condemned” Critically analyse ‘the white Australia policy’ relating it to the quote provided In 1901, Edmund Barton the prime minster at time decided to introduce the Immigration Restriction Act left Australia banning prostitutes, criminals, and anyone under a contract or agreement to perform manual labour within Australia which seems that Edmund Barton was doing his job and kept Australia safe but he was not

  • Race, ethnicity, prejudice: white Australia policy Essay

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    Part 2 Introducing the ‘White Australia’ policy From White Australia to Multiculturalism Conclusion References This paper is divided into two parts. In the first part the concepts or race, ethnicity, prejudice and racism are defined and how they are connected is discussed. Part 2 of the paper looks at the ‘White Australia’ policy and why it was introduced. The impact of such a racist immigration history on contemporary Australia is also discussed in terms of

  • How Has It Had An Impact On Australian Culture?

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    Populate or Perish Introduction: Australia was in a time of crisis during World War 2 (1945) when they were threatened by the Japanese invasions. Australia did not have a big population at that time resulting in not have a strong defence to protect Australia. The Department of Immigration that was created then strongly urged that Australia needed an increase in its population by at least 1% each year. They needed a plan to gain a huge population; they needed to populate or perish! Table of Contents:

  • A Research Study On The 24 August 1958

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    (Thea) Van De Kuyt arrived in Fremantle, Australia with her mother, father, younger brother and two younger sisters. As Nonja Peter states “Australian immigration has always been driven by the need to attract enough labour for the developing economy and recruitment policy, procedures and bi-lateral agreements, continue to heed this imperative.” World War 2 caused a massive shift in migration to Australia, where many families and young individuals came to Australia looking for a better life and an opportunity

  • Australian Immigration Essay

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    Australia has a rich migration history starting with the first migrants being convicts transported from Britain between 1788 and 1840. Free immigrants began arriving in the 1790’s (Walsh: 2001) The Industrial revolution which caused wide spread poverty and unemployment in Britain, as well as the demand for workers in the wool industry in Australia enticed more free settlers to Australia, followed by the Gold rush in the 1850’s of which the largest group of immigrants were the Chinese. The bringing

  • The Great White Wall Essay

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    The Great White Wall For most people, someone within their ancestral lineage has immigrated to a new country. Immigration has been perceived as a way to provide and enhance personal opportunities (McConville: p 73). Overpopulation began to be a problem in many of the great empires in the early 19th century, and emigration seemed to provide the best opportunity for people to better themselves in a new world (McConville: p 73). Rather than draining the resources within one society, people were

  • Australi A New Britannia

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    Australia is, and always has been an immigrant society. Without a continuous stream of immigration, our modern society would not be as urbanised, affluent and economically stable as it is today. Australia, once a British colony, was termed ‘a new Britannia’, as it was viewed as one of the most ‘British’ societies in the world outside of the UK. Since its conception and its obvious need for settlers, Australia has used deliberate and careful selection of its new potential citizens as a method of controlling

  • Effects Of Immigration In Australia

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    Immigration in Australia An investigation into the effect Immigration to Australia has had on Australia's religious landscape. Immigration has had the most dramatic effect on the current religious landscape of Australia, leading to an increase in some groups and the decline of others. The origins of the decline of the first doctrines that came to Australia can be traced back to the to the relaxation of the White Australia Policy. This in turn led to an increased population of Immigrants in Australia from