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  • Character Analysis Of To Build A Fire By Jack London

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    “It was a clear day, and yet there seemed an intangible pall over the face of things, a subtle gloom that made the day dark, and that was due to the absence of the sun.” Throughout Jack London’s “To Build a Fire” there is a sense of slow burning dread as readers are introduced to the man and his gradual, but inevitable death, brought upon by himself. London’s short story opens with the main character, a man, foolishly embarking on the long journey back to camp in the freezing Yukon, accompanied only

  • Jimmy Whitehorse Analysis

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    of my knowledge is the extent of what I’ve been told, such as my name, Sammy Whitehorse, and all the restrictions and limitations, rules and laws that dictate every moment, every day, and every single second of my life. These lists of commands flash in front of me like paths in a fork in the road presenting the possible plots that can ensue, but I really, seriously, passionately dislike this. The character, Sammy Whitehorse, will raise hell. He will do it, despite his protests, or else the plot can’t

  • My Favorite Vacation to the Last Frontier, Fairbanks, Alaska Essay

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    As a child, vacations were few and far between. Having three other siblings and a single parent, trips rarely fit into the budget. As I got older, military service and my professional career allowed me to travel to a variety of places. I have been to the east and west coasts, the Gulf of Mexico, Bermuda, United Kingdom, Germany, and many places in between. However, my most memorable trip was to Fairbanks, Alaska to visit my oldest brother Keith. While I was there the sun shined for approximately

  • Challenges Facing Our Education Institution At Whitehorse High School Essay

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    A. Challenges in Our Educational Institution We have several challenges in our education institution here at Whitehorse High School. I am going to write about two different, yet related challenges that our school is faced with year after year. One of the challenges we face is over the past four or five years we have been a School of Improvement. With this challenge constantly at our front door year after year comes several state and district mandated requirements that our school has to try and

  • Ecozone Essay Outline

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    Starting Point: Begin at the MacBride Museum (1124 Front St, Whitehorse) to receive your instructions. Your Southern Arctic adventure starts here in Yukon! From Gold Rush fever to the birth of Whitehorse, the MacBride Museum gives the best and most entertaining overview of the colorful characters and groundbreaking events that built Canada's Yukon. 1.Drive to the whitehorse cross country ski club (1 Sumanik Drive, Whitehorse) and you will find instructions for your first challenge 2

  • The Wurundjo Tribe

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    Within the Whitehorse community senses of 2011, 314 (0.2% of the population) people stated that they identify as Indigenous. Though this is a significantly smaller amount than the Victorian average (0.7%) and the Australian average (2.5%) Whitehorse still has a rich Indigenous history. The Wurundjeri- Balluk tribe are recognised as the traditional owners of the land in and around Whitehorse for the past 40,000 years and they are one go the 5 tribes that make up the Kulin Nation (A league of Victorian

  • Management Of Workforce Capability And Capacity

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    I interviewed Kit Mantz the Secondary Director for the district. Kit served as a principal/vice principal for three years at Whitehorse High School (WHS) before accepting a position in human resource and now the secondary director. This paper will discuss capacity and capability as it relates to the district and his time as principal at WHS. A. Management of Workforce Capability and Capacity: Mr. Mantz likes to analyze the whole situation, knowing the environment, knowing the mission, vision, and

  • Future Impact Of Current Decisions Case Study

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    interviewed Kim Schaefer, principal of Whitehorse High School (WHS). Kim said the school has about 300 students, grades 7 thru 12, 99% Native American, 33% English language learners, and 100% free or reduced lunch. Whitehorse is considered a failing school, but are headed in the right direction according to growth point results in language arts, math, and science. The school currently has a 74% graduation rate. A. Summary of Action Plan: The action plan Whitehorse has implemented aims to help the school

  • Information Systems And Aquatic Sciences

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    ¬GIS and Aquatic Sciences Abstract This report reviews the usefulness and applications Geographic Information Systems have in the world of aquatic sciences. GIS uses a variety of tools, sensors and satellites to monitor and mitigate issues in multiple fields of aquatic science. Scientist track movement patterns of fish, growth rate of submersed aquatic vegetation and much more relatable data and determine locations of concern. 'agencies like the US Geological Survey (USGS), US Fish and Wildlife

  • Ap Essay

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    Summary of activities from 2005 I graduated high school from Ballenas Secondary in 2005, and in July travelled to Europe. I enjoyed Europe so much that I moved to Germany until August 2006. While in Germany I traveled Europe, Northern Africa, and the Mediterranean area of the middle east. While in Germany, I worked at a local bar in Regensburg (near Munich) and enjoyed learning the German language. After my return from Germany, I worked in Parksville BC as a server at a local restaurant and focused