Whitney Biennial

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  • The Whitney Biennial

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    The 2017 Whitney Biennial Meets Strong Sense of New Place The 2017 Whitney Biennial will feature well-established individuals and collectives focusing on emerging artists who bring influences, trends and potentials. The Audience will meet the biennial exhibition on March 17 in the museum’s new downtown building. The Whitney Museum of American Art is well-known for its new building and the biennial exhibition. The Whitney Biennial aims to provide a main stream and a history of modern and contemporary

  • Whitney Museum of Art Essay

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    The Whitney Museum of American Art has often been referred to a citadel of American Art, partially due to the museums façade, a striking granite building (Figure 1), designed by Bauhaus trained architect Marcel Breuer. The museum perpetuates this reference through its biennial review of contemporary American Art, which the Whitney has become most famous for. The biennial has become since its inception a measure of the state of contemporary art in America today. Since the Museum's opening in 1931

  • Bonnie The Procrastinator - Original Writing

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    but Bonnie found this quite surprising. It was her aunt, Whitney Houston, the sister of her beloved mother. While Bonnie was face-timing her mother she asked her "Mom....Did you know that aunty is dating daddy?" Her mother instantly began to weep, and as her tears glistened on Bonnie’s I-pad, Bonnie began to feel a fire ignite in her heart. She decided to do it, she had to kill her father. She

  • Aunty Is Dating Daddy?

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    evening, while Bonnie was singing to the birds and procrastinating, her alcoholic father came home with someone who looked very familiar. It was not unusual for him to come home with a mistress, but Bonnie found this quite surprising. It was her aunt, Whitney Houston, the sister of her beloved mother. While Bonnie was face-timing her mother, she asked her "Mom....Did you know that aunty is dating daddy?" Her mother instantly began to weep, and as her tears glistened on Bonnie’s iPad, Bonnie began to feel

  • The Music Industry : Whitney Houston

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    (onecommunityglobal.com). This was one of the many famous song lyrics from Whitney Houston’s ground breaking musical hits that captivated the attention of her fans and idols. Not only were fans able to relate to her musical lyrics, they were also amazed by her timeless voice, which no other artist during the time had. Because of her great voice and ground breaking musical hits as well as her ventures outside of the music industry, Whitney Houston is said to be one of the greatest singers of all time. Till

  • Being The Only Child - Original Writing

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    I was always so content with being the only child, I got everything and my parent’s attention was always focused on me. The world revolved around me, but I felt lonely most of the time and longed to have a little sibling throughout my younger years. That longing lasted until I was about nine and as I got older the idea of ever having a younger sibling became perverse. He or she would be so annoying and instead of having fun with them, I would have to take care of them. That was something I didn’t

  • The Torture of No Technology For 24 Hours

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    I laid on the floor, not really sure what to do with myself. I had wandered from my bed down to the ground, trying to avoid the stare of my laptop. My fingers dug into the carpet. The sleek electronic beckoned me torturously, and my fingers itched to open it. The ground seemed like a safer place, one where I could avoid everything and just be. Of course, the longer I laid there, the louder the silence seemed to become. I couldn’t hear anything, not the whirring of my laptop nor the notifications

  • Managerial Accounting Is A Discipline Within The Accounting

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    Managerial accounting is a discipline within the accounting community that focuses on providing valuable information to the leaders of their organization. The importance of the community relies on its ability to provide information that is not readily found in traditional financial statements developed in the accounting department for reporting to outside agencies. Activity-based management utilizes information developed using activity-based costing (ABC) to accurately determine product costs.

  • Analysis Of Stone City By Grant Wood

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    Stone City by Grant Wood was created in 1930 by using oil on wood panel. This painting illustrates a lot of visual elements and principles of design which are important components of an artist’s work. Visual elements and principles of design help draw the viewer’s eyes to certain aspects of the painting and they tell the story of what the artist is trying to convey. This analysis will highlight the visual elements and principles of design that are present in Grant Wood’s Stone City. The use of

  • Theme Of Love In Othello

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    In 2006 Whitney Houston filed for a divorce against her husband Bobby Brown not only due to the facts that he’d picked up a drug addiction, but that he physically abused her. He hit her and claimed that he wasn’t a violent man even though repeatedly hitting the women you love is an abuse offense. He has reports against him saying that he’s a women beater and just lies about everything in the face of conflict. Bobby Brown’s and Whitney Houston's situation connects back to Othello’s situation with