Why Are You Looking Grave?

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  • The Death Of The Golden Brown

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    with age!” A halfhearted shrug was my response, along with a crumpled bill thrown on my booth as he walked away. I felt a grin form itself on my face. Honestly I don’t consider what I do lying, as much non-admission of my ignorance. The truth is, if you say

  • Essay About A Short Story

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    pointed towards the figures and the snake. "You will pay!!!!!!!!!" The girl screamed as she pulled something from out of nowhere and threw it at Zeke and he fell to the ground with a thud. "Zeke!!" We all shouted sliding down the hill. The two figures looked at us, then disappeared. The snake slithered over to Zeke and we froze about 14 feet away from them. "What do we do?" Jennet asked me, looking at the snake. The snake kinda sat there looking at Zeke and then us.

  • Essay on Protecting the Target

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    time as well.” “Why not call in the National Guard too? I told you we should have taken her back for further questioning. And you know what the boss is going to say.” “What can he say?” Banks saw Nailon pull out a cigarette. Chuck tended to grab them during times of duress. It amazed her how someone as tough as Nailon felt he needed to smoke in stressful times. “C’mon,” he said in a sarcastic tone. “You know the pencil-necked pimp is going to complain, don’t you?” “I don’t care. Frankly

  • Descriptive Essay About A Restaurant

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    luck. A small booth by the window just came available. Follow me.” The people that were waiting gave us mean looks as we followed the hostess to our booth. Sterling looked like he couldn't care less but the eye rolling and mumbling bothered me. That's why I sat with my back to the waiting area. The hostess

  • My Grandfather

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    family members: my grandmother, my mother, even me. He always thought we were strangers, so we could not approach him. When he was ill, I hid in my room and furtively saw him lose his temper. He sat in a wheelchair and shouted to my mother. “Who are you! I want to go home! Let me back home!” “This is your home… I am your daughter...” my mother cried and responded. In just one year, this disease put my family into the depth of despair because we could not do anything for my grandfather and just watched

  • Hansel Short Story

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    even gain the daily bread. As he lay in bed one night thinking of this, and turning and tossing, he sighed heavily, and said to his wife, "What will become of us? we cannot even feed our children; there is nothing left for ourselves." "I will tell you what, husband," answered the wife; "we will take the children early in the morning into the forest, where it is thickest; we will make them a fire, and we will give each of them a piece of bread, then we will go to our work and leave them alone; they

  • New Paths Of The United Kingdom And London

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    needed to ensure the tonight was for her. I put my arms around her and pulled her to me as I turned her around facing me. Kissing her like there was never would be a tomorrow as a shiver ran down my back. Come let’s get back to our hotel as I need you more than anything else. I could see she knew something was not right, but for the moment she saw I needed her. That night I held her so much she was worrying, and I had to force myself to let her go. The morning came with rain so I asked if it would

  • Velm A Short Story

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    see a thing without them!" "I hear you. I'm lost without mine, too," Marcie said to her, conversationally, while reaching into a back pocket Velma began to think of where in the forest she had lost her spectacles, when a blurry shadow moved into her view, startling her. She felt something slipping onto her face, and then the world became clearer to her, once more, with the smiling face of Marcie being the first thing she saw. "My glasses! Marcie, thank you!" Velma cried, giving her a quick hug

  • 13th: A Short Story

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    He was getting closer to me,  I could see the finish line it was so close. I felt a hand on my shoulder, it was him. He pushed me down. I fell.  My  face hit the sidewalk. Hard. I could see blood everywhere. “Emma!” “What? Why are you looking at me that way?” I asked. “Emma, you were saying something about a finish line, and how close it was.” my mom answered with a worried look on her face. “Phf it was just a dream.” I said “Oh okay, get ready for school.” she said not believing me at all. That

  • How Can Anyone Ever Changed On You?

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    Has anyone ever changed on you? Imagine our bonds as chemical reactions created from similar atoms, not knowing their electrons are attracted to your similar manners, surpassing all your unimaginative standards. I mean some people will make you laugh like comedy and not even do stand-ups, but the funniest is when they leave you on that same stage while they resign as actors. Either way the blame 's on you, your priceless love got you wondering why people change on you. It’s like your mind and soul