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  • Why I Want to Be a Lawyer

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    It wasn’t always like this. I didn’t grow up intending to one day become a lawyer, and I didn’t meet some famous politician who inspired me to follow their foot steps. But I certainly don’t have to tell you that, my high school and junior high curriculum can. Usually any free space in my schedule would be filled with incompatible oddities, some of which include: computer aided drafting, journalism, yearbook, acting, etcetera. In actuality, I grew up despising politics due to my internal belief that

  • Why Do I Want To Be A Lawyer

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    What is your dream job and why? I want to be a lawyer .The reason I want to be a lawyer r is I think this profession is very important and meaningful. If I am a lawyer, I will can contribute to maintaining the fairness and justice of society in the form of law: On one hand, I can take advantage of my expertise help mediate people's conflicts and disputes, so that they can live in harmony. On the other hand,I can defend Legitimate rights and interests for innocent, avoiding them suffering

  • Reflection Paper On Why I Want To Be A Lawyer

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    Lawyers are often portrayed as invidious, rigid, and odious in media, as well attract an uneasy feeling in most individuals when brought up in conversation. Frequently they are at the punchline of jokes insulting their quirks. The obvious question is why would anyone want to be an attorney? In my case, I get a lot of influence from my mother who was a lawyer for twenty years. I was very proud to tell people my mom was a practicing attorney, even more so today knowing she often defended those that

  • Notre Dame Future Plans

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    College week! I know I still have roughly four more years, but, I have been thinking on where I want to go college wise. When I graduate from high school, I want to go to Notre Dame, they have a wonderful teaching system for lawyers. I want to be a lawyer after high school. Tuition and fees at the University of Notre Dame are $47,929 without financial aid. With room, board, and other fees combined, total cost of attendance is $64,775. I have looked into the University of Notre Dame, and I have noticed

  • The Law And Law Code

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    I know that people deserve the right to defend themselves in court, however a person cannot adequately defend themselves unless they are very familiar with the law. This is precisely the reason why lawyers exist. The law is very complex, so rather than forcing someone to go to law school for ten years, we have them hire lawyers to help them with the law. Basically, the average person does not know law enough to successfully defend himself or herself in court. I know that the law code is extensive

  • Last Statement Of The Narrator In Bartleby The Scrivener

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    let to his death. This shows the lawyer was caring, sympathetic, regretful, and devastated at the death of Bartleby. First, the caring personality of the lawyer is portrayed when Bartleby did not accept the help that he was offered by the lawyer . Bartleby when he tried to make Bartleby open up and tell him his problems. In the phrase “Ah Bartleby! Ah Humanity!” the narrator uses Bartleby to present humanity. The phrase is a soliloquy from the narrator enquiring why Bartleby refused help. Bartleby

  • The Year Of High School

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    In the previous paper that I handed in I stated that children have the biggest aspirations because they want to become fashion designers, pop stars, and astronauts. I was one of those children, always changing my future profession to the next big thing. I wanted to be a fashion designer, a chef, a doctor, a teacher, an artist, etc. Then for a while I decided I 'd be some world renowned author. I was determined and persistent and I wouldn’t let anyone tell me otherwise. I wrote and rewrote stories

  • I Thought That All Lawyers Do

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    Final copy I thought that all lawyers do is carry a briefcase and simply go to court argue and yell and not do anything worth meaning or merit that all they did was go into court and simply argue yell and do a bunch of nothing. Then you watch movies and the way they portray the lawyers is there sleazy and sly and people that you really don’t want to trust which doing a lot of the research I have lawyers are more like advisors that believe that everyone has the right to have they lawful due process

  • I Want To Be A Lawyer Essay

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    When I graduate from High school, I want to become a lawyer. I want to become a lawyer because I want to give justice to those who have been wronged. As a child, my dad has always talked about doing the right thing and punishing those who have done wrong. This is the reason my dad decided to become a Corrections Officer and work at Erie County Prison. Since my dad always taught me about doing the righteous thing, I have always valued doing right by everyone I meet. However, I also know people

  • Color of Law

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    proceeding to Law, I have learn and realized so many things about being a lawyer when I finished reading the Color of Law by Mark Gimenez. When I was still a little child my dream was to become best lawyer so I can help those unfortunate people. I always thought being a lawyer is about helping, defending, and giving justice to my fellow Filipinos. I also thought that when I become a lawyer I can have lots of money to provide my needs and as to my family. I also thought that those lawyers were the best