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  • My Percussion Instruction At Wichita State University

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    university was year round. I was driving with my mom heading to Wichita State University. The plan next week was finally to get my full driver’s license, so this was one of our last trips together for a while. She tended to enjoy the back neighborhood route, to Wichita State University, which lead us to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The route we took each week lead us through the beautiful historical neighborhoods in Wichita Kansas. This established residential area has streets lined with

  • The State Of The Wichita State University

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    rapidly increasing cost of this hometown school. Students come to Wichita State University for not only the in-state tuition but also to get a quality degree. With tuition on a rise due to Kansas Legislature continuing to cut general funds to Wichita State University, the school must search for revenue else where. The loss of potential exposure and revenue of Wichita State University can be solved by the recreation of the Wichita State Football team. With millennial already consisting of the highest

  • The Air Capital Of The World

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    In 1928 Wichita began to promote themselves as the “Air Capital.” Most of the population agrees that Wichita is and always will be the “Air Capital of the World.” The way that we built the industry is amazing. Yet there are those few individuals who do believe that we should no longer name ourselves as the “Air Capital.” We have multiple aircraft factories and aircraft is the center of our employment. We have grown our industries and continue to produce more and more aircraft through the decades

  • Wichita Facility

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     Where would you place the Wichita change initiative on all four dimensions of change initiatives described in the reading Organizational Change: An Overview (i.e., scope, source, pacing, and process)? Scope of change: the scope of change involves aspects such as “how work is done and by whom, who makes decisions and controls resources, what activities and resources have status and value, what the company should be and how it should be seen (Ancona, et. al., 2005, p. M8-15).” Scope can be either

  • The Wichita Tribe

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    Wichita tribe The Wichita is a tribe that belongs to a small tribe about three hundred and twenty who live in Oklahoma. They are a tribe of Native Americans who were discovered by the Coronado expedition. Like other Native American tribes the Wichita people have their own language, culture and both, social and legal customs. They refer to themselves as Kitikitish which can be taken literally to mean raccoon eyelids. But signifies a tattooed eyelid which is from a former custom among men where

  • Wichita Case Study

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    From: VINESH KUMAR Date: 13th October, 2008 Subject: In what ways did the Wichita case study illustrate some of the characteristics and dilemmas of modern intergovernmental relations? Introduction In many cases intergovernmental intervention is only needed in niche or what Conklin, J. (2001) calls “wicked problems”. The problem of pollution is this case study, can be classed as a “wicked problem’ as it touched upon several arenas and considerations simultaneously required governmental

  • Tribes Of The Pawnee Tribe

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    There are many Plains indians tribes, all unique in their own ways. One of the most unique tribes that stand out among the rest is the Pawnee tribe. The Pawnee tribe is really known as the Pawnee tribe of Oklahoma. The Pawnee are originally from Kansas and Nebraska but they were forced to move from these states and had to be moved onto a reservation in Oklahoma. They were moved onto this reservation in Oklahoma in the 1800’s, and most of the tribe have been in Oklahoma ever since. On their reservation

  • Questions Of Human Piking : Questions : Human Trafficking

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    Human Trafficking Related Questions 1. What is human trafficking? Human trafficking can be defined in a variety of ways but is defined as the “recruitment, transportation, transferring, harbouring or receipt of a person by such means as threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, abduction, fraud, or deception for the purpose of exploitation” (McLaughlin). 2. Who are the victims, who are the perpetrators? The victims and perpetrators do vary depending on their age and gender. Most

  • Incident Report Essay

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    On 12/16/2017, I, Dillon Dickerson, badge #155, was working as a Patrol Officer for the Wichita State University Police Department, in Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas. While driving in lot 20 which is located behind Wilner Auditorium I heard a loud banging sound. From past experiences it sounded like someone ran over multiple barrel cones. On 17th street they are doing construction from 17th and Hillside to 17th and Oliver. I arrived in the area of 17th and Hillside at approximently 0235 hours

  • Acme Minerals Extraction Company

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    We don’t know how bad the situation was at the Lubbock plant between employees neither. All I know, and in what I can base my answer, is that at the Wichita plant the employees had somebody, from their own “family”, to trust while the Lubbock employees had only the new “threat” to trust, and I said “threat” because based on my own experience working with other people, that was the way my co-workers used