Williams syndrome

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  • Williams Syndrome : A Genetic Disease

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    Williams Syndrome Williams Syndrome is a rare genetic disease that occurs at birth and can happen to just about anyone. Williams Syndrome is caused by a genetic deletion of parts of chromosome 7. The syndrome is commonly linked to causing a child to having a number of different learning and behavioral problems, such as a delay in growth, attention deficit disorder, and a number of learning disabilities. Williams Syndrome affects around 1 in 10,000 people worldwide, equally in both male and females

  • Williams Syndrome

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    Williams Syndrome is a genetic condition that effects about one in every ten thousand people worldwide. While William Syndrome does effect learning, there is no disconnect in social interaction. People with WS tend to be very highly social people and play strong roles in their communities as adults. Although people with WS have strengths they also have many weaknesses. Babies often have life-threatening cardiovascular problems right at birth, and on many occasions they need ongoing medical care growing

  • A Student With Williams Syndrome

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    For a student with Williams Syndrome they continue to fall behind with development and maturity behind their peers. Students begin to struggle with fitting in because their social skills are less appropriate. Their interests are not as varied as their peers which makes it a greater challenge socially. Students can have increased anxiety and depression and they “don’t understand why they’re different” (fact sheet). Students with Williams Syndrome have decreasing activity levels, but they continue

  • Williams-Beuren Syndrome

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    disorder that is known as Williams-Beuren Syndrome (Adams, 2012). This is often commonly referred to as something different when in fact it is the same disease. This refers to the names of the scientists that published papers at the same time researching the same disorder. Williams was a scientist from Australia and Beuren was from Germany (Prober, 2010). Williams is much more commonly used in the United States and Canada while the rest of the world normally uses Williams-Beuren as this is the more

  • Williams Syndrome Study

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    Williams Syndrome Study: A Closer Look at Genetic Disease Introduction Genetic disorders offer a variety of different problems and symptoms. One of these disorders is Williams Syndrome. Williams syndrome is a genetic disorder characterized by the genetic alteration and deletion of genetic material on Chromosome 7 (Riby, 2008). This disorder can cause lack of mental functioning and have ill effects on health and other vital areas (Shiohama, 2016). Despite the drastic effects this alteration of

  • Williams Syndrome Essay

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    Since Williams Syndrome is a disorder characterized by the deletion of genes, treatments for this disease are very limited. There is no cure for this disease. There is no reprieve. There is no rest from the fact that the individual’s chromosome is missing over a megabyte of data (Meyer-Lindenberg, 2004). Due to the loss of elastin in the cardiovascular system, specifically in the heart, exercise is something that can be prescribed in order to prevent the arteries, veins, and chambers from collapsing

  • Essay On Williams Syndrome

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    Williams Syndrome is a genetic disorder that happens in the fetus stage and after birth. This syndrome is caused by the deletion of 26-28 genes in chromosome 7. Symptoms include facial deformities, trouble speaking, and the narrowing of the Aorta with many more symptoms. This syndrome is tested at birth with fluorescent in situ hybridization or FISH. With blood samples, they test the blood for the deletion of chromosome 7. FISH checks if many as of 22-26 genes are deleted. Because there is no cure

  • Williams Syndrome Research Paper

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    Williams Syndrome is a rare disease that is caused by deletion of certain genes in chromosome 7 during the formation of reproductive cells. It is known as an autosomal dominant condition because one copy of the altered chromosome 7 is all that is needed to cause Williams Syndrome. While it can be inherited from a parent who already has the disease, it can also randomly occur in anyone. It causes some medical problems along with physical abnormalities, mental capacities, and personality characteristics

  • Williams Syndrome As A Neurodevelopmental Disorder Essay

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    Introduction Williams Syndrome(WS) is considered as a neurodevelopmental disorder, caused by a contiguous gene deletion of about 26 genes from the long arm of chromosome 7(Peoples et al., 2000). Since it had been first aware by J.C.P. Williams in 1961(Lenhoff, Wang, Greenberg & Bellugi, 1997), Williams Syndrome has drawn more attention in last 40 years. the incidence rate is approximately 1 in 2000 and diagnosed generally at 6.4 years old (Morris, Demsey, Leonard, Dilts & Blackburn, 1988). People

  • Williams Reflection

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    presented over Williams Syndrome. Williams Syndrome is a genetic condition that is caused by a deletion of 26-28 genes on chromosome seven. The more genes deleted, the more severe the characteristics will be. The deletion is also present from conception due to an abnormality of the egg or sperm cell. The syndrome is named after John C. Williams. However, Alois Beuren is also credited for research on Williams, which is why it used to be referred to as Williams-Beuren Syndrome. Williams occurs in less