Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamster

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    and my sister a hamster. We were so excited. I promised them that we would take a full responsibility for her. We didn’t think twice about all the work we had to do. We were just thrilled about our new family member. The next day, we began to do some research on how to raise hamsters. First, we went through all kinds of them and their personalities so that we could pick the best one. We came up with the tiniest, cutest little hamster. Back then, we didn’t know it was a dwarf hamster, the sensitive

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    If a hamster is frightened then it will lie down on its back. You should only pair up dwarf hamsters together if you plan on getting more than one hamster otherwise the golden hamster or teddy bear hamster will turn violent against one another. When a hamster grooms itself it means it’s secure and happy with its environment it is in at the moment. If a hamster is standing on its back legs with its ears up then that means that some noise has caught its attention and they are listening to that noise

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