Wisconsin Dells

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  • The Importance Of Wisconsin Dells

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    Wisconsin Dells is a super fun place to go to, it’s practically a city full of big waterparks, scary roller coasters, and great restaurants. At night it’s looks so beautiful with very bright and colorful lights from the really big and tall rides and the blinding lights of all the cars passing by as people walk. It can be the most relaxing place to be in if you decide to just float in the bubbling jacuzzi outside, having a couple margarita drinks and listening to 90s radio station in the dark and

  • Descriptive Writing About Water Park

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    Morgan’s brother Gene has been doing baseball for a traveling team since he was 8. Since he plays on a travel team they normally go out of state to play baseball, so they usually will invite me to come. This time we were going to the state of Wisconsin where they have cheese as yummy as candy, water parks like no others, and it is home to the Green Bay Packers. We got to the hotel that we were staying at for the week while we were overloaded with excitement. This hotel even had a water park

  • Descriptive Essay On Dells

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    Wisconsin Dells. If you are a Midwesterner, their water hose spraying commercial that plays on constant repeat popped into your mind. The catchphrase, the Waterpark Capital of the World, is the normal conception of a summer vacation in the Dells. Water parks, ski shows, shopping, and food complete a clear picture. But when you step out of the normal routine of going to waterpark after waterpark and shop after shop, you get to experience the magical wonders the environment can present to us. Almost

  • Mini Golf Research Paper

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    sun was out. I could already tell it was going to be a good day. We stopped at a Mcdonald's in some town along the way to get breakfast. When we finished eating we took off again. I ended up falling asleep along the way I sleep till we were in Wisconsin Dells then they finally woke me up. When we got to the parking lot it was full. We ended up finding a place to park then we went to the main building where you check in. It took about an hour because of how many people their where their. But me and

  • Why Do Wisconsin Dells Use Amusement Parks?

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    World, Hersheypark, Knott’s Berry Farm, Epcot Center, and many more may come to mind when tossing around ideas for a vacation, but one theme park tops them all. Wisconsin Dells, is an entire city of amusement parks located in southern Wisconsin and tops the chart by meeting all the requirements for a great entertainment center. Wisconsin Dells is huge leaving room for a variety of activities, frequent places to rest, and great food. When taking a trip with a large group it becomes painfully clear that

  • We Re Going To Wisconsin Dells: A Narrative Fiction

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    forever. I was half awake in my snug bed when I looked up with a haze. Dad was hovering over me and with a grumble of his voice he said, “We’re going on a road trip.” I shot out bed like a paintball from a .68 caliber and asked, “We’re going to Wisconsin Dells?” He shook his head. Confused, but still tired, I grabbed clothes and took a shower thinking, where are we going then? I grabbed my Samsung tablet so I could take pictures and we were on our way. Looking out the window, I kept asking where we

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Wisconsin Dells

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    I remember the time my sisters and I went to Wisconsin Dells during spring break of my 5th grade year. My mom planned this trip out months before and it was suppose to be a surprise. She planned this trip because she wanted to reward my sisters and I for our accomplishments during the school year. Once we found out we were leaving to go to Mt. Olympus, my sisters and I were very excited. We found out that sunday and left Wedneseday morning. Of course we drove because it was only a 3 hour drive but

  • Home Essay : My Dream Home

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    My Dream Home My dream house is very detailed. It would have to be very big. I want it to have many rooms, and a big kitchen. It would have a bowling alley, an indoor trampoline park, and an indoor water park. I would also want a movie theater. It would have to have a basketball court as well. I would have a bedroom the size of a house. There would also be a game room full of video games. There would be 4 floors. It would be located in Orlando, Florida. It would be next to the beach and near Disney

  • Kalahari Tragedy Research Paper

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    Kalahari Tragedy This had already been my second time coming to Kalahari in Sandusky Ohio for spring break but I was still very excited. It had already been one day before this horrific event had happened to me twice in one day. My family, the Mcdonald family, the Ritter family, and the Budnik family were all going to this waterpark. My previous trip to Kalahari, I had rode every single ride except the single person toilet bowl and the boogie board surfing. I was very excited for the surfing

  • The Ho Chunk

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    name though is quite fascinating. It can either mean “big voice” or “big fish”. In this sense the word “big” means ancestral or primordial. Although we know where they originated in Wisconsin, we do not know their place of origin before entering Wisconsin as well as their archeological antecedents in Wisconsin. When the French were first introduced to the Ho-Chunks, they were known as the Winnebago. This was the name by which they were known to their neighbors who spoke Algonkian. This was