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  • The Antagonistic View of Sexuality in O'Connor Wise Blood Essay

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    The Antagonistic View of Sexuality in Wiseblood In the novel Wiseblood, by Flannery O'Connor, one finds an unpleasant, almost antagonistic view of sexuality. The author seems to regard sex as an evil, and harps on this theme throughout the novel. Each sexual incident which occurs in the novel is tainted with grotesquem. Different levels of the darker side of sexuality are exposed, from perversion to flagrant displays of nudity. It serves to give the novel a bit of a moralistic overtone.

  • Essay about Flannery O'Connor

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    Flannery O'Connor is a blunt, cruel writer who uses violence to teach theology. O'Connor's works focus on grace through violent, cruel acts. In her stories' it's hard to find a happy person or a loving family. Her characters, Mrs. May "Greenleaf", the Grandmother "A Good Man is Hard to Find", and Hulga "Good Country People" all make terrible mistakes that result in finding grace through a tragedy. O'Connor does not pull punches, but lets her characters suffer the consequences of their actions