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  • Is African Witchcraft a Cure or Curse to Zambian Society?

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    remote parts of Zambia when people get sick, instead of being taken to a medically trained doctor, their family takes them to a witch doctor with "magical powers". These families often believe an evil spirit has put a curse on the sick family member. Such superstitious thoughts are not uncommon in Zambia. Witchcraft has a long history in Zambia and even today people turn to such practices. In the bush, a witch doctor is sometimes the only medical practitioner available. In addition to curing a host of

  • The Body Ritual Among the Nacirema

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    The Body Ritual Among the Nacirema As an individual coming to investigate American civilization through the observation of cultural activities, I find the ritual of medicine men and women (doctors, psychiatrists and pharmacists) very interesting. “Medicine man" or "medicine woman" are English terms used to describe traditional healers and spiritual leaders among Native American and other indigenous or aboriginal peoples (Unknown 2012 ¶2).

  • Bewitched : Nicole Halcyon 's Diary

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    her ankles. She was screaming at the top of her lungs, begging for someone to help her. I was wondering what was going on, so I asked an old man who was watching nearby, he told me that they were going to kill the witch. I was in shock, wondering how the city folks had known she was a witch without any proof. The disease has been getting worse and much more were dying from it. Of course, the people were getting restless as time passed by. She was tied to the stake, and before they had killed her, she

  • The Song Analysis Of Kwadi Mudda

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    kassero Okyaramar jhada limbero- Jhadepara bvyati yadi maissamma Chute, chute yaadi O kammjediana-bhando bahando bhiya gugurari bandi Dapdo dapdo bhiya adavi allapalli-kevadi gochare ganmero doctor Mare kammedina suyi marejo- thari kammedina suyi parena bhuja bai Mari kammedina gulkos chadalare gamero doctor Thare kammedina glucose chadaniye buja bayis Khod khodo bhiya elekadan- ghalo ghalo bhiya O kammdina Phenkho phenkho bhiya mitti r dhud” Translation Kamala lets go for transplantation, which

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    ‘Indeed, no!’ Doctor Pax shuddered. ‘Of course, it is!’ argued Mosaic. ‘A hundred years ago, the former owner built the house on a disused chalk mine. He fell in love with a local beauty, but she was already married, so he used an underground tunnel to visit her at night. Her husband found out and banished her to a neighbouring town. From then on, she lived in a caravan amongst a field of wheat, selling sprigs of heather, and reading tea leaves. Of course.’ ‘Stop that nonsense!’ chuckled Doctor Pax. Then

  • The Legal Status Of Marijuana

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    From the intense research the information learned included various doctor’s opinions, the government’s opinions, legalization, medical benefits, medical risks, and legal issues. First, the opinions of doctors are split because some support the idea while others oppose it. In both opinions, the doctor believes he

  • An Unexpected Turn - Original Writing

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    An Unexpected Turn I woke up to a ray of sun shining through my bedroom window, birds chirping and the harmony of silence. I slipped out of my warm blankets, stretched out and yawned a big yawn then went to my bathroom looked into my green foggy eyes and tried to clean them by splashing cold fresh water across my half awake face. I grabbed my toothbrush laid some toothpaste on their and brushed away. I cleaned myself up then went into my closet and changed my pajamas into a gray t-shirt and some

  • My Life Changing Experience At The Doctor's Office

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    I walk through the doors with my mom. I hear crying, little kids throwing tantrums and moms telling their kids everything would be fine. The nurses walking around with files and stethoscopes around their necks. I was officially at the doctor’s office. I had checked in and sitting in pain with all these noises going on, thinking that it would be just a regular visit. But little did I know, from that day on it would be a life changing experience to my identity. My whole life’s been a chase, it’s a

  • How Doctor Die By Ken Murry

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    In “ How Doctor Die,” Ken Murry explains the choice of doctors when they have a terminal illness. From the beginning, Ken gives an example of an orthopedist who was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He quit his job and spent the rest of his day with his family. A doctor is a person who treats disease and saves patients; however, when they have an illness, they are also like other patients. They meet difficult situations with their patients but also feel for them. They tend to be fair because they know

  • The Year Anniversary Of The Marriage Of Dr Karen Kurtis And Her Husband

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    Today was the 2 year anniversary of the marriage of Dr Karen Kurtis and her husband, Phillip. In relation to this, they had invited all their close family and friends for a dinner party at ‘le Balmdois’,a 5 star Michelin restaurant, including Phillip’s business partner, Mr Brown, his wife and their 24 year old daughter, Shay Brown. Dr Kurtis and her husband only knew Mr and Mrs Brown on professional terms, so they didn’t usually invite them to parties however, when they did, the party was very extravagant